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Easy ways to solve HP Printer Error 79

HP is a famous brand name for the printer. You can find HP printer models in various sizes. The installation process is also very simple. While taking printouts, few users get the HP Printer Error Code 79 . The printer gets the error when it can’t communicate with the commanding device. 

Reasons Behind HP Printer Error 79

  1. HP printer connection error
  2. You don’t have the printer driver
  3. Some printer files are not working
  4. HP printer can’t find the correct network
  5. The printhead is not working
  6. HP printer can’t fetch the ink

Troubleshooting HP Printer Error 79

Restart the HP Printer

A user can get an error code with the printer when it gets into runtime issues. You can fix your runtime error by restarting the device. The printer gets a runtime error when it gets a new command but some services get stuck. Do a power restart by removing the cable directly. When you reconnect the cable, all the services of your HP printer will start from the beginning. Now send a new print command and check for HP Printer Error.

Try Running the Printer Troubleshooter

When your printer shows an error message, you should go for the troubleshooting tool. If the errors are appearing due to some printer files then this utility tool will repair them. Go to the computer and then open the Update and Security tab.

Choose the troubleshooter and select Printer. After running, it will search for all printer related files. After fixing the files, you will see a report page. When your errors get fixed, give the command and take your printouts easily. 

Reconnect the HP Printer

The printer shows an error when it is not connected correctly. Check the cable for printer connection. Go to the HP printer and eject your cable. Now check the cable for any damage. Reconnect the cable and ensure that the cable is not loose.

On wireless HP printer connection, check the router and WPS pin. Restart the router and now press the printer Wi-Fi button to enable it. Check the printer screen for the network name. Select the network name for connection. After completing the printer configuration, send a new print job and check for the error. 

Check the HP Printer Driver

Your device can show HP Printer Error Code 0xc18a0206 when the printer driver is not working. Without the driver, your HP printer can’t read the command. The driver is the communication bridge for the printer and PC. Click on the HP printer driver.

If the driver files are not working then repair them. Users can install and run the driver repair tool. The easiest method is reinstalling the driver. Go to the corrupted driver setup and remove it. Now get the same printer driver setup. 

Inspect the Printhead and Fuser

The printer can show errors when the printhead or fuser are working. If the printer fuser is damaged then you have to replace it. Get a new fuser for your printer and then check for printer errors. For the printhead error, check for overheating. If the printhead is overheated, shut down the printer.

Wait some time until the printhead cools down. Now restart and check the printhead. If it seems clogged then you have to clean it. Go to the printer and run the printhead cleaning utility function. It will remove all the dried ink from the head. After cleaning, go to the computer and send a new print command.

Run a Malware Scan

HP printer gets error code 79 when the printer is getting invalid print jobs. This occurs when the malware on the system is corrupting the print command and the printer can’t read it. For troubleshooting the error, the user has to remove all the malware from his device.

On the computer, run Defender to remove the malware. If you have a personal antivirus, click on the antivirus and run the full scan. After removing all malware, open the document and send a new print command. When the printer gets a valid job, it will start printing immediately.

Reset the HP Printer

When you are getting error code 79 after making changes on the printer settings then undo them. When you forget the settings then run the reset. After factory reset, reconfigure the printer to PC and set the password again. After configuration, try taking printouts and then check for the error. 


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