Enhance Your Moviemaking Experience With Green Screen Virtual Sets

Green screens have become among the rising popularities among novice videographers and at-home zoomers. Instead of looking for a perfect location or showing off the messed-up background of the studio, filmmakers can use green screen virtual sets for professional shooting. You can also use Zoom virtual background to use the background according to the need of the shoot. A green screen can help transform a space into any location you want. Learning to use a green screen is simple and it doesn’t need you to spend a lot. 

Green screens are an affordable option to bring out amazing videos. However, you should know how to properly use them. Nothing can be a bigger turn-off than letting your audience know that you have used a green screen. They can shoot the subject on camera with a green background, which is replaced with a needed background in the post-production. The virtual background is created digitally.

Apart from the most usual advantage of green screen studios, i.e, they can be used to create any background you want to, there are other several benefits to it too. 

A green screen can be beneficial in a lot of ways. It allows filmmakers to use any background with the physical subject that is being recorded on the camera. Back then, in the 1940s, blue screens were used instead of blue. 

Read below a few ways to use the green screen properly. If it is your first time using a motion Control camera on a green screen, this blog is going to help. 

Steps to set up your green studio

  • Set up your green screen

The green screen is a completely green background that is an amazing choice. A simple green screen is apt for it as it offers little or no wrinkles. Choose a seamless paper or fabric with no wrinkles. It will ensure high-quality video when it comes to post-production. 

  • Set your lighting

The subject is always highlighted using key light. You can fill the shadows that happen due to key light with fill light. The backlight or hair light is useful for separating the subject from the green screen. 

During this process, ensure that the green screen background has no dark spots. It is important for lighting to be uniform all over. Use the viewfinder to know how the subject and the green screen look on camera. 

  • Prepare your subject 

It is important for you to check that the subject isn’t wearing anything green. In the green screen studio, your subject should be at least two feet away from the screen. This will help you to separate the green screen from the subject and will provide an enhanced look. 

  • Edit your footage

Use great software for post-production. Whether you have shot from your phone or under load settings, you may use apps like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X to replace backgrounds. Both of these choices can bring out the results you want.

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