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Do you want to grow your business but still use shared hosting? So It’s very hard to expand your business in South Africa. Shared hosting is the most suitable for starting a business but when you expand or scale your business you need high-performance web hosting which can help to scale your business. But are you confused as to which web hosting is best for your business when you scale or within your budget? Therefore, I would like to recommend a trustworthy brand and their reliable plans of VPS hosting in South Africa. So keep reading this article to discover the best plan of VPS hosting for your business.

Introduction of Serverwala

When I was doing deep research on web hosting providers in South Africa I found the most trustworthy brand named Serverwala Cloud Data Center Pvt. Ltd. It is the offshoring and leading brand in South Africa which offers excellent services for increasing the revenue of your business. With excellence in services, it is one of the brands that gives dedicated server resources to VPS Hosting in South Africa.

Apart from VPS Hosting, they also deal in multiple web hostings services such as Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and cloud hosting. It meets all your business needs right from the start and encourages you to grow your business.

Best Plans Of VPS Hosting

Let’s take a glimpse at the most exciting South African VPS hosting from ServerVala. They provided ease of choosing packages with high RAM, secure storage, exclusive bandwidth, and super-fast speeds.

Need To Know More About VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting means Virtual Private Server Hosting as the name suggests it is private hosting. It enables you to host your website on a server for access to the public privately. In Shared Hosting, your resources are shared with another that impacts your website performance. But in VPS Hosting you provided private space in which you can customize your server resources as your company essentials.

But you must be astonished to grasp how VPS hosting works? Your Web hosting provider makes chambers for multiple websites on the server. Then they allocate you private space for your website. Then you have a choice to choose Managed VPS Hosting or Un-managed VPS Hosting. 

Serverwala provides you with fully managed VPS hosting which means that the web hosting provider maintains your server on your behalf. You can easily customize by adding high-performance operating systems. The advantage of VPS hosting is that you can choose your OS.

Why choose Serverwala’s VPS Hosting in South Africa?

There are a lot of reasons for choosing VPS Hosting in VPSAfricaAfrica. I will give you some brief points.

  1. Security 

In Shared Hosting, you don’t have your own space on the server and you don’t have complete control of the server. Your rIP address is shared with someone else website. In this scenario, you are not sure your website data is secured or not. But in VPS hosting you are the owner of your space and have major control on your hand.

Serverwala’s server uses an advanced firewall to protect your data from DDoS attacks. They use technology to detect automatically the upcoming malware from the internet and protect your resources.

2. Scalability And Flexibility

When you scale your business you don’t know which resources are useful for your business and not useful. In another web hosting, you don’t allow to manage your resources. But in VPS hosting you have the freedom to manage your server resources which helps you in the scalability of your business.

Serverwala’s technical team takes care of their customers. You just call them and drop a mail to upgrade or customize your resources. For your growing business, Serverwala is the most trusted web hosting partner to effectively manage your online presence.

3. Budget-Friendly

When you expand your business you have to take care of your capital. You can’t burn your capital for unnecessary things. A Dedicated Server is too expensive than another web hosting. VPS hosting South Africa comes at a very cheap rate and contributes similar benefits to Dedicated Web Hosting.

When you purchase the best and cheap VPS hosting in South Africa you can save your capital and invest in your business growth.

Key Features of Serverwala’s VPS in South Africa?

In the following points, you can explore some specifications of VPS South Africa. Let’s go through them :

  1. 99.9% Network Uptime
  2. 24/7 Customer Support 
  3. Protection from DDoS Attacks
  4. 1GBPS Network Speed (T&C apply)
  5. Transfer your 30GB Data Monthly 
  6. SSD Disk Drive


Determining the best Web hosting services is the most critical task for every business owner. Best web hosting takes the majority of the stakes in your business success. Through the best web hosting, you can achieve a peak and get success in your business. So I will suggest you choose the best plan of cheapest VPS South Africa.

Through this article, you get to know Serverwala and its service. Their services can help to improve your presence in SERP and add visitors to your website.

If you have any queries and need more guidance, you can visit their website for greater assistance.

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