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Explore The Power Of AR And VR Via Veve Like NFT Marketplace Development

Rare, unique, and free from intermediaries are the 3 phrases to describe the success of NFTs. Which is that popular marketplace that sells licensed collectibles to investors? It is VeVe. Operating on Immutable X, the Layer 2 protocol of Ethereum, it is pioneering the concept of carbon-friendly trading of collectibles. Are you that entrepreneur who wishes to enter the world of Web 3.0? Create a Veve Like NFT Marketplace Development now. 

Know the significance of VeVe like NFT marketplace development

  • Virtual showrooms are the key highlight of a VeVelike NFT trading platform. Investors can purchase branded collectibles effortlessly. They can choose options like animation, films, gaming, sports, pop culture, and TV.
  • Moreover, collectors across the world can set up their own digital showrooms and display their assets with pride. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) give an extraordinary viewing experience. Besides that, an NFT marketplace like VeVe is cross-platform compatible. Users can see their treasured collectibles on Android and iOS apps.
  • Importantly, interested buyers can stand together with their preferred characters. AR enables this. They can scan their surroundings and drop crypto collectibles.
  • Moreover, investors can use options like move, rotate, and scale. Thus, the collectibles are given the perfect dimension. Users can take snaps and share them across instant messaging apps and social media platforms. 

Carbon Neutrality: The special aspect of a VeVe like NFT Marketplace

  • Undoubtedly, blockchain networks consume a lot of computing energy. However, a VeVe like NFT marketplace gives more priority to the environment. It is also highly energy-efficient when compared to the Ethereum blockchain network.
  • Moreover, the New Zealand-based NFT marketplace will buy carbon credits for every unit of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) used to mint collectibles. Further, it has allocated $7 million to non-profit organizations and charities that are working to restore the environment.
  • How does this work? VeVe does not promote intense competition amongst miners. Thus, there is no increase in the cost of electricity. Thus, the rewards received by miners are not related to the level of energy consumption.
  • Moreover, brands, film production companies, award-winning artists, gaming conglomerates, and pop icons can promote the cause of sustainability.
  • Further, you can also promote the cause of environment-friendly collectibles. Starting a pool of crypto tokens will help mint carbon-neutral NFTs. The revenue generated from the creation, minting, and sale of collectibles can be donated to non-profit organizations (NPOs). 

How to trade digital collectibles on a VeVe like NFT Marketplace?

  • Investors will receive updates of new releases and drops on the VeVe like NFT trading platform.
  • For instance, they can check out collectibles like Adventure Time, Disney, Captain America, Marvel, Spiderman, DC Collectibles, Star Trek, Jurassic Park, Fast and the Furious, Superman, Ultraman, Fast and Furious (F&F).
  • Interested buyers can tap the “View Drop Details” section. They will receive information about the listing date and time, price, license year, the total number of cover variants and editions, and availability (domestically and globally). 
  • How can buyers know if the NFT they purchase is unique? They can check the level of rarity. Each collectible is depicted by Common, Uncommon, Rare, Ultra Rare, and Secret Rare.
  • Once the auction opens, investors will have to make bids. Moreover, the rarity of the digital collectible would be known after it is added to their exclusive collection.
  • Generally, this occurs after a certain interval based on the demand from investors and the level of traffic on the NFT marketplace. 
  • Where does trading occur? It happens on a secondary marketplace. You can pocket different sources of revenue like commission on sale, gas fees, licensor fees for every sale, and transaction processing charges. 
  • How can investors process payments for buying NFTs? They need to register on the OMI wallet. Buyers need to enter their email address and password for signing in to the digital wallet. 
  • Later, they can purchase their preferred collectible by spending some OMI utility tokens. Later, they will receive a confirmation of the deal. Thus, the proof of ownership is stored on the Ethereum blockchain network.
  • Moreover, investors can sell off their digital collectibles after a while. They can strike a deal with other NFT collectors. Buyers of limited-edition NFTs can use options like sell and swap.
  • They can fix a certain price for the rare collectible, resell them, or exchange it later. Thus, they would make a high profit. 

Blind Box Format: The highlight of a VeVe clone

  • Importantly, brand partnerships are the backbone of a VeVe like NFT marketplace. 
  • Users can purchase rare collectibles by seeing their availability and characteristics through mobile apps (Android and iOS). 
  • Investors need to possess OMI tokens for buying virtual collectibles. They can get hold of these virtual tokens from cryptocurrency exchanges like BitForex, OKEx,, and AscendEX. Buyers can also convert their existing balance of Ethereum (ETH) and USD (US Dollar) to buy OMI tokens. 
  • Be it animation characters, films, games, pop music, comic books, sports goods, and TV series, every virtual item is placed in a blind box. 
  • Therefore, all buyers will pay a proportionate amount of money for the listed NFTs. As a result, they will be aware of the level of rarity only after buying the one-of-the-kind collectibles. 
  • NFT collectors across the globe can diversify their portfolios effectively. They will receive real-time updates about upcoming drops. Investors can tap the Buy Now button. They should do this after checking the number of minted NFTs, the floor price, and the characteristics of the collectibles. 
  • Once an NFT is placed in a blind box, it functions similarly to lottery tickets. The luckiest investors can access the most Super Rare NFTs. 

The services offered by an NFT marketplace development company are

  • White-label NFT marketplace development on different blockchains and sidechains. 
  • Integration with software and hardware wallets. 
  • Smart contract auditing.
  • Creation of digital collectibles for individuals, brands, celebrities, and influencers.
  • Integration with peer-to-peer networks like Interplanetary File System (IPFS) and Filecoin. 

Besides that, you can avail of post-deployment services like the addition of premium features, conducting a security audit, organizing digital marketing campaigns, and technical support.

Wrapping Up

Are you that entrepreneur desiring to explore the power of the metaverse? Partner with an NFT marketplace development company now and build a VeVe clone soon. 

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