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Export Gmail to Outlook 365 In Batch Including All Related Attributes

Do you want to export Gmail to Outlook 365?

To be sure, this is an excellent concept if you wish to conduct email contact on a much larger scale. Outlook 365 is an excellent email solution for both personal and commercial use.

Well, for commercial purposes, you will be able to communicate more effectively on a professional level since you will have access to many apps in one location. You may obtain your own domain name, which will make you appear more professional and attract more people.

Yes, with Outlook 365, you will receive these perks. Thus, to enable you to take advantage of these benefits and export Gmail to Outlook 365, we assist you in obtaining an absolutely outstanding solution. Therefore, please have a look.

An Amazing Way to Export Gmail to Outlook 365

Gmail email backup assistant is the path that will bring you to your destination. It is the most comprehensive data conversion technique available for importing Gmail to Outlook 365. It’s an effective method for exporting data from any number of Gmail accounts.

Therefore, let us begin by demonstrating how to add accounts to our Gmail to Outlook 365 migration tool and then export data from it. Thus, a step-by-step guidance is provided below; carefully review each step.

Step-by-step Guide to Import Emails from Gmail to Outlook 365

  • Download Gmail to Outlook 365 migration Tool. Install it by following to the instructions and then launch it to export Gmail to Outlook 365.
  • Now, first click the Open tab, and then click the Add Account option.
  • Provide the tool with your Gmail address and password. Then hit the Add button.
  • Once your account credentials have been validated, the programme will upload all of the associated folders of Gmail.
  • Now, go to the Export option and pick Office 365 in the drop down menu.
  • Enter your Outlook 365 email address and password and then hit the Save button.

After authenticating your Outlook 365 account information, the programme will begin exporting all of the data you have selected. Once completed, you will be alerted and redirected to the tab that provides immediate access to your Office 365 account.

Thus, the first thing you needed to know about the Gmail email to Outlook 365 Migration tool was how to import Gmail to Outlook 365. Now, let’s examine another facet of the programme.

We’d now want to highlight some of the technique’s best qualities. Therefore, have a look at them and determine why you need to employ them to complete your assignment.

Consider the Advantages of the Suggested Technique

  • The approach described here enables you to export data from numerous Gmail accounts.
  • Data may be exported from any Gmail folder, including the Inbox, Outbox, or any personal folder.
  • Export Gmail to Outlook 365 in bulk, including attachments and other attributes.
  • Provides a preview of all emails and attachments prior to their import into Outlook 365.
  • Additionally, the tool’s preview mode allows you to read emails in hex and raw format.
  • During the import procedure, you may include the email headers for all your Gmail emails.
  • You can rename the backup folder to make it easier to identify the resulting files.

In Conclusion

We’ve provided you with one of the most effective methods to export Gmail to Outlook 365. It’s an incredible approach that comes with a slew of fantastic benefits. They can be used for a variety of purpose. Additionally, it is extremely efficient and capable of simultaneously exporting large amounts of data. Therefore, if you’re seeking for an incredible data export experience, the advised strategy is the one to attempt.

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