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Five Amazing Apps For Kids, Parents Can Have!

Digital Technology offers exciting options in the form of mobile apps. Mobiles and smartphones are high-tech devices in the market, all thanks to technology. These devices are useful for people of any age, be they are adults, kids, or teenagers. Talking about the kids, they use mobiles for different purposes. They feel very comfortable while using them at an early age. They want to go ahead of their peers. This is why they have too much dependence on these devices. Today, we can see lots of useful apps to be used on these devices. Such apps like Indian Social Media App are meant for a variety of reasons. Be it education, entertainment, gaming, or shopping, all play an immense role in a kid’s life.

When your kid is too young but wants to access technology, then what would you do? All you need to do is to let them use your smartphone. This way, you can allow them to take advantage of technology, but under your supervision. Using apps can help your kid to do study or enjoy to the fullest. If you as a parent do so, you can have some control over what they are utilizing. This is how you can stay them away from getting engaged in illegal activities. Here is the list of some best mobile apps for kids, which they can use on their parent’s mobiles. Check it out:

ABC Kids: Tracing and Phonics

This app is designed for children. This excellent app will let your kids learn phonics. It is also used to trace out the letters of the alphabet. With this app, your kid can put the building blocks in place. They can learn to speak and even write letters further down the line. The best part is that its content develops as the kid’s age. It also provides your kid with games and activities appropriate for ages starting from kindergarten. Even adults can participate in this game. Its features include a teacher mode, accessing report cards. Remember one thing that it cannot replace a pencil. This supplementary material can let your kid knockout those critical milestones at a fast rate.

YouTube Kids

It has become one of the most important parts of the YouTube product series. It is available on various platforms like Android, iOS, Samsung, Sony, and LG. it requires your child’s age after downloading and installing it. According to the age of your kid, it is going to show the content. There are 4 sections to choose from like Music, Shows, Recommended, and Learning. Kids can browse between the sections freely. Parents can enjoy parental control tools, which set time limits and limit access to the search function. Make sure to keep an eye on the videos your kid watches. It is because all videos are taken from the YouTube platform. This is why there is some possibility of having age-restricted content.

First Words for Baby | App

It is an app derivative of a renowned book having the same name. It is based on a flashcard with words and images displayed for your kid. This way, they can have a chance to learn new words of vocabulary. This app has different versions for kids’ right up to 3 years old. They can learn 120 important words, which are further divided into 11 categories. The names of categories include Sleeping Time, Pets, What I Do, Vehicles, At Park, Farm Animals, Eating Time, Toys, Food, and Bath Time. The images are followed by professional animation, pronunciation, and real sounds.

Starfall ABCs | App

This app is owned by Starfall, a non-profit organization. It is a child-friendly app. This learning app is for young children. They can see, hear, and interact with words and letters. This way, they can have a fun experience while using it. They will come back for sure. This app uses lowercase and uppercase letters. It helps a kid to have a holistic learning experience. There are bright colors and fun graphics used in this app. They can enjoy some word-based games. As their age progresses, they start feeling comfortable with the basics.

Epic | App

It is all about the Kids Books and Educational Reading Library. This app is for kids who are aged 12 and below. There are thousands of books your kid can have. Starting from educational content to interactive stories, they can find everything. It is also based on science, giving ideas of reading more than 1000 words per day. Parents can choose from two plans such as Epic Unlimited and Epic Basic. Both plans have their own benefits and features. Check before opting for any plan, what a specific plan offers.

We cannot deny that tech addiction is a real fact. And with mobile apps like Indian Social Media App, your kids can introduce themselves to the new world of technology. Make sure every parent also understands the risks associated with longer screen time. This is how the above-mentioned apps can help both kids and parents to enjoy everything, but with supervision.

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