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Floor Lamps Buying Guide

Floor Lamps Buying Guide, Are you looking for that little bit more to turn the living room into a cozy homely place? Then everything stands or falls with the right floor lamp. They come in different types, sizes, and styles, which makes the choice not always easy. Do you choose that beautifully curved floor lamp or do you prefer the standing lamp in a retro design? In short, a lot of buttons that you will have to make. We, therefore, think it is a good recommendation to read the buying guide below before you compare several products and offers.

There is no doubt that the right lighting in the house is particularly important and also contributes to the atmosphere and coziness. It is therefore advisable not to make the choice hastily but to take into account the interior, your wishes, and what goal you have in mind. Are you looking for a floor lamp that should serve as a reading lamp, for example, or do you prefer a floor lamp that is less functional but is intended to create a soft and warm atmosphere?

In short, you already hear it; floor lamps Floor Lamps Buying Guide are indeed available in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and designs, so there will always be one that fits perfectly in your home. In addition, most floor lamps will take up relatively little space because in most cases they are placed in a kind of empty corner and serve as “corner filling”. This means that such lamps are also easy and quick to move and you can combine them with many other types of lamps. Just think of a hanging lamp or table lamp in combination with a floor lamp in the same room. 

The different types and styles

Large or small floor lamps, curved or not; are all available. To determine which type of floor lamp you want to have in your home, it is important to take into account the purpose and style in which you want to work. For example, if you have a classically furnished living room, a modern or design floor lamp may not be fully reflected.

Also, consider what the floor lamp should be used for. In most cases, the floor lamp will be regarded as mood lighting and therefore does not provide the general lighting of a room. It is therefore often placed somewhere in a corner or near the sofa and sitting area so that the lamp can also serve as a so-called reading lamp.

The size and placement of the floor lamp

Since a high-quality floor lamp is not able to illuminate the entire room, it is often used to bring extra atmosphere, warmth, and coziness into your home. This will also help determine the position of the floor lamp in the room. For example, most floor lamps will be placed somewhere in a dark empty corner, where they are slightly out of the way but can provide warmth.

However, a floor lamp does not only have to be atmospheric but can also be practical. There are many floor lamps, often curved models, that can serve as a reading or hobby lamp. This is extra handy if you want to enjoy a good book in the evening or read the newspaper on the couch. So think in advance about where you want the lamp and what its function will be. Based on this, you can then take the length and final size of the lamp into account.

Power supply, operation, and other additional features

Most floor lamps are easy to connect to the mains, usually with a connection voltage of 220 to 230 Volts. However, there are also many models that are equipped with a powerful (rechargeable) battery, LED lighting or adapter. If you want to place the floor lamp in a corner where there is not immediately a socket available, then a rechargeable battery can be a good recommendation.

In addition, many copies will be supplemented with a practical on and off switch and possibly a dimmer. You can opt for a floor lamp that you can operate from the couch with a remote control or via an app. Furthermore, an adjustable reading arm, the color of the light, and whether or not a light source is included can add value at the time of purchase.

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