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From where can I manage my Google contacts in Gmail?

Gmail is the most popular email service out of all that are available, in the IT world right now.  It is the safest and most secure option to take. If you are looking for a trustworthy platform through which you can easily exchange your emails and thus you can further establish better communication. That will ensure instant effects. But the new Gmail is not just all about easy communication. There are more things for which people use it very often. One of those is storing and managing Google contacts in Gmail.

Yes, in the new Gmail email service, you are allowed to keep proper storage of all your contacts. Gone are those days when losing a cell phone also meant losing contacts. Now, you can create a backup in your Gmail account for all your Google contacts. Here, further, in the blog, we will see how you can look for those saved Google contacts in Gmail. Also, we will see ways through which you can add new contacts to Google. Also, we will see managing of Google contacts for the duplicate contacts. We will also see the creation of new labels and groups. We will also see the process to import and export contacts in Gmail.

Where to look for contacts in Gmail?

If you need to look for contacts in Gmail, then for that you will have to follow the steps given below-

  • Open Gmail and look for the home page
  • There on the home page click on the square icon with 9 dots
  • There you will need to open apps in those apps you will see the contacts icon
  • As you will click on that your  Google contacts will open

How to add a new contact to Gmail?

There are two ways for you through which you can easily create a new contact to your Gmail. Contacts are not just all about phones you may also need to add any contact to your Gmail email list. Here, further in the blog, we will see how you can add a new email address as your contact to the list of your Gmail email addresses.

The first and the simplest way for doing it is through the, create new contact button. As you will click on it you will have to enter some information related to the contact.

The other method is also easy but you will only be able to do it if you have already received an email message from the concerned contact. In this case, you will put the cursor on the email address which you need to add. Then wait  for the pop-up to appear  as you see pop–up there click  on “add to contacts”

If the person is already there in the list, then you will get to see “edit contact “instead of “add to contacts”.

Clean up duplicates from Gmail

If you need to clean up duplicates from Gmail, then for that you will check the people you contact most frequently through email.   In order to check this, you should further check the “frequently contacted” tab given on the left sidebar menu.

There you can see all those contacts which are duplicates, you can check this from the “duplicate tab” further you can work on cleaning them.

Creating group of contacts-

If you need to create a contacts group of those with whom you exchange email very frequently then for that you will need to follow the steps given below.

The steps to follow are the ones that are below-

  • From the left sidebar menu, you will need to click on the “create label” button
  • After this give  a name of your choice for the label
  • At last please save it

After this you should click on the “manage label tab” from there you can choose the label which you want to use.


So, this is the way to manage Google contacts in Gmail, if you still need to know more, then for a solution to that, you should get in touch with the team of technicians. The team of technicians is available at the service of the users all the time there is no such issue that the experts may fail to deal with

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