Get Exclusive Discount on Refrigerators only on Bajaj Finserv EMI Store

Often in our daily lives, we forget to appreciate the immense importance of lifeless things. One such instance is refrigerators, a silent supporter of every household. From storing any food item and cooling them to ensuring their freshness, a single or a double door fridge has many responsibilities.

Consequently, every customer is willing to bring home its best model, a Whirlpool fridge or a Haier refrigerator maybe. Now tell me, what’s a better time to buy an expensive gadget rather than when it is on sale and is coming with tempting discounts? So, here let’s see which are some of the amazing refrigerator models of reputed brands available at exclusive discounts only on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store:

Whirlpool refrigerator NEO 278GD PRM GALAXY (2S)-N:

  • Save more than INR 4,000 by availing this Whirlpool fridge at INR 28,950 only.
  • The monthly EMI, continuing for about 16 months, will be a minimal amount of INR 1,600. Its downpayment is also as low as INR 3,350. 
  • The buyer can access a cashback voucher of INR 2,000 after clearing the EMIs for the initial 3 months.
  • This double-door fridge looks lavish in its crystal black color and has a capacity of about 265 liters.
  • The model, equipped with all the latest technologies and facilities, including frost-free technology, a 2-star energy rating, interior light, 3 separate shelves, etc., has a 1-year warranty.
Haier refrigerator HRD-1954CSG-E:
  • With a whopping discount of 31 percent, this model is available at INR 19,200 only. 
  • An EMI of INR 1,920 only has to be paid each month. During the purchase, all you need to keep ready is a downpayment of INR 3,840.
  • Facilities of a cashback voucher worth INR 1,000 is also after that the buyer clears 3 consecutive EMIs.
  • This single-door model enjoys specifications like direct cooling, deep freezer, hardened glass, and a rating of 4-star.
  • With a capacity of 195 liters, it can easily serve a family of at least 3 members.
  • A 1-year warranty and a 10-year warranty on the compressor ensure that the buyer faces the least hindrance in the future. 
Samsung refrigerator RT30A3A22DX/HL:
  • This Samsung model is also available at an exclusive 14% off. Right now, it is being sold at INR 31,000 only.
  • With this, the buyer also has the option of zero down payment and an EMI of INR 1,723 only per month.
  • The cashback voucher, in this case, is worth INR 3,000.
  • This double door fridge is furnished with new technologies, including defrosting facility, tempered glass, a 2-star rating, a digital inverter compressor, an interior light and stabilizer-free operation.
  • Containing 3 shelves and 1 drawer, it has the capacity of about 265 liters and enjoys the provisions of a        1-year warranty.
Voltas Beko refrigerator RFF2753DWE
  • Hurry up to grab this model from the limited stock available at INR 32,290 only. 
  • Avail of its zero down payment option and pay a per month EMI of INR 3,229 only.
  • The discount is also providing the provision of a cash voucher worth INR 3000.
  • Equipped with two doors and frost-free technology, the model enjoys a warranty extending for 2 years.
  • Its smart inverter compressor is also backed by a warranty period of 12 years.
  • Its Dahlia wine color and eye-popping design act as a catalyst in attracting prospective buyers. 
  • A capacity of 251 liters and interior lighting are its other advantages. 
Samsung refrigerator RR19J2725UZ/TL 
  • This single door model is now being sold at the best price – INR 15,700 only.
  • No downpayment and a monthly EMI of INR 1,963 only – as a buyer, what else can you ask for?
  • Even at such a low cost, you will be able to enjoy the facilities of direct cooling, a 5-star energy rating, an anti-fungal gasket, and most importantly, a cashback voucher worth INR 1,000. 
  • This lily blue-colored fridge has a capacity of 192 liters and is most suitable for couples.
Haier refrigerator HRF-2783CSG-E
  • This Haier double door refrigerator model worth about INR 45,000 is available only at INR 28,790 with an exclusive off of 36 percent.
  • Post a downpayment of a little more than INR 4,500; the buyer needs to pay an amount of INR 2,021 only every month as the EMI.
  • Availing of the cashback voucher, one can also get a cashback worth INR 2,000.
  • Its frost-free technology, a cool pad, interior lighting, a top freezer, and an ice tray perform regular functions.
  • A one-year warranty and a capacity of 258 liters make the model a good buy.

So, if you are looking for the best single door or double door fridge to brighten up your kitchen space, your search operation ends here. Visit Bajaj Finserv EMI Store today and grab the one suiting your needs. In this festive season, most of the refrigerator models of numerous companies like Whirlpool fridge, various Samsung models, Voltas Beko fridges, and many more are being sold online at intriguing discounts only at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. Avail of this golden opportunity now, and thank us later!

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