Give your dear ones your warm wishes with flower delivery in Noida

If you are wondering about a substantial gift to give your loved ones, know that you will never go wrong with gifting flower bouquets. Flowers are apt for any events, be it birthdays, weddings or even funerals. No matter what expensive gadgets we surround ourselves with, nothing can replicate that innocent joy that only flowers can bring forth. Getting our favourite bouquets brings us closer to Mother Nature, and they can express any emotions. The practice of expression of emotions through flowers goes way back in time. Ancient Greeks and the Romans used to do it. But it was the Victorians that popularized the tradition of the language of flowers.

Flowers always make a pleasurable surprise, and very few people would disagree with that. You can choose to send your own choice of bouquets to your loved ones through any online shopping portal. Bouquets will always be affordable yet unmatched in beauty and elegance. Make sure you know about the favourite colour of the recipient before making a choice. You can even choose a bouquet according to the occasion.

Where to buy bouquets for flower delivery in Noida?

Flowers can be a useful gift for many events such as birthdays and anniversaries. They are also the go-to gift for people we know little about. It may be difficult to choose any other gift, but everyone loves flowers so, bouquets will be a safe choice.

The best thing about bouquets is that flower delivery to Noida and any other major city is easier than it was before. Many online gift portals like Oyegifts and others have made it so. Customers can easily place an order in Oyegifts and rest assured that the gift will reach its destination as soon as possible.

What to send for flower delivery to Noida?

There are many beautiful bouquets to choose from; we listed some of them below-

Rose bouquet

Rose bouquet

Roses are the favourites of many and for good reason. This bloom has been the enduring marker of romance for a long time. Red roses are synonymous with romantic gifts, and they are in great demand during Valentine’s Day. Roman and Greek myths associate the red rose with the Goddess of Venus, who is the deity of love. Roses are many in colour, they come in reds, pinks, blues, whites, and even oranges. The number of roses in a bouquet also has significance. Some people believe that two roses are perfect for engagement gifts, while three roses are the marker of the three-month anniversary.

Lily bouquet

Lily Bouquet

People associate the notions of purity and fertility with the lily flower. There are many types and colours of lilies, and they each hold a different kind of meaning. Most don’t know this, but there are over eighty to hundred species of lily present in the world. Pink lilies are symbols of femininity and admiration, so they are the perfect gifts to your female colleague or your female family members when you want them to know how much they mean to you. White lilies are symbols of purity and encompass the idea of rebirth and new beginnings. People often use them at funerals.

Orchid bouquet

Orchid Bouquet

Just like other flowers, orchids have many symbolism and messages linked with them too. Knowing what they symbolize is useful when you want to gift someone orchids. Orchids are great decorative flowers, and they are the most elegant bloom out there. Orchids have thousands of varieties, and they are the very image of elegance. There are many colours of orchids like – pinks, reds, orange, white, purple, green, orange and many more. Next time you want flowers to symbolize innocence and reverence, as well as a gift of something beautiful, go for orchid bouquets. Orchids even have an interesting history behind them; the Ancient Greeks used to consider orchids related to virility.


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Just like red roses, red carnations are also the markers of romance and love. Deep red carnations are the symbols of deeply held love and affection. Carnations have been around for decades, and they are still a crowd favourite. People prefer to give carnation bouquets on Mother’s Day as a gift. The spicy fragrance of carnations and their various types make it an interesting gift for loved ones. They can even symbolize disappointment. When you want to express condolences, yellow carnations would do the job.

Mixed flowers

mixed flower bouquet

If you want to send a bouquet with a mixture of flowers then you can do so. Bouquets will be more gorgeous if more than one type of colour of flowers is there. OyeGifts makes the best floral arrangements at affordable prices, so you can check them out.

Flowers are capable of expressing any human emotion, and they have been doing so for centuries. Many poets and artists have been struck by their beauty, and it has influenced much of their art. The gift of flowers cannot be exchanged for anything else.


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