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Good Education and Medical Facilities, Secrets of a Prosperous Society

Seeking the best hospital in Multan to get checked by a good psychologist? Don’t worry! The Spring Clinic which is backed by Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital (MASH) has the best team of psychiatrists and psychologists practicing. Yes! It does.

MASH which is a project of Mukhtar A. Sheikh Trust MAST is one of the largest hospitals in south Punjab. Its establishment takes place very recently but has made a great reputation for itself by providing state-of-the-art medical facilities to the locals. The hospital has 500 beds. It is super equipped with machines and facilitations which completely comply with international practices and standards.

A little bit about MAST 

MAST as told earlier stands for Mukhtar A. Sheikh Trust. The Trust is of the vision to make this southern part of Punjab prosperous. As they say, if you want to prosper a society then provide them with education and good health care facilities. These are the basic two needs of a society to prosper. With a good education, you nourish the brains of the people which makes them well-rounded and enlightened human beings who are fully aware of their capabilities and also know how to utilize them in order to bring affluence to society. Education makes minds sound and enriched, and only those societies progress who equally educate their boys and girls. 

The School established by MAST 

According to its vision and belief MAST has opened a school in south Punjab. Which is fully devoted to educating young girls in the area. Today, even those girls who are getting educated have never seen the face of school before. This all became possible by the efforts of MAST. The Trust established this school and then Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital which is one of its kind tertiary health care units. The Trust is putting full effort into making south Punjab prosperous.

MASH is making a great difference in the society 

MASH is serving a large population living in the city of Multan and in its suburban areas. Providing these people with state-of-the-art medical facilities is one thing, convincing them to visit the hospital is another big hurdle. As the people here come from a conservative background, they had trouble trusting the doctors. They preferred midwives over learned and experienced gynecologists for their women. This has even led to serious casualties. Though it was difficult, MASH has created awareness on such things among the people and convinced them to visit the best gynecologists practicing at MASH. This was one thing, convincing people for consulting a psychologist for any mental related issues was another herculean task which MASH accomplished successfully and proved itself the best hospital in Multan.

Spring Clinic, MASH opened a separate clinic for mental problems

We are living in times where everyone is dealing with some kind of mental problem. I wouldn’t like to call it a problem but depression and anxiety are very common these days. Almost every second person is dealing with it one or the other way. With the occurrence of massive development and progress in the world. The stress and pressures have equally increased. Today, I highly recommend you to visit a shrink.

A psychologist who would listen to their problems figure out its cause and then advise them accordingly. The severe scenarios of anxiety and depression may take the patients to a point where they get suicidal thoughts. Consulting a good psychiatrist in such cases is very important. The Spring Clinic had to face this hurdle, people thought of visiting a psychiatrist as taboo and never visited the spring clinic no matter how much they are suffering.  MASH educated people on the subject and made them realize that this is important for the improved quality of their life.

The competent psychologists and psychiatrists practicing in Spring Clinic see a large number of patients every day. Things are changing for good. It is a relief for the people who were suffering quietly, now they don’t feel any shame in sharing their problem and having medical aid on the matter. MASH is putting exceptional efforts into uplifting the health department of Pakistan. Its dedication and productivity is making it the best hospital in Multan.

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