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Grab Your Weightlifting Clothing and Plan Your Perfect Lifting Schedule

To get the most out of your weightlifting routine and make serious progress toward your fitness goals, it’s important to plan and schedule your workouts. A schedule can make all the difference between continuously setting new PRs and struggling to maintain your fitness level. The right schedule can help you find the perfect routine that helps you recover, build muscle, and stay motivated. When you hit the gym in your weightlifting clothing, you should plan ahead to know which exercises you are going to do. Here are four lifting schedule tips to help you find success with the perfect routine.

Schedule Days to Put Your Weightlifting Clothing Away and Get Some Rest

One of the most important parts of your weightlifting schedule is rest days. Rest is essential for building muscle. Some days, you just need to keep your stringer tank tops put away and stay home. Ideally, you will have at least two rest days over the course of the week. This will help your body have the time it needs to recover. Lifting weights builds your muscles, but your body needs ample time to repair them. If you don’t give it the time it needs to make those repairs, you won’t see the gains you expect. That’s why rest is critical to your success.

Create a Routine to Give Your Body Time to Heal

Like rest days, a routine that switches between the different muscle groups is also essential for allowing your body to heal. Even if you have two rest days in your week, that rest won’t be beneficial if you work out your shoulders for three straight days. You need to cycle through every muscle group in a pattern. That way, you don’t overwork certain muscles too much. A good rule of thumb is to make sure you work out one or two other muscle groups before you return to the one you’re resting. When you work the muscles, have a rest day, and then work them out again, your body can become accustomed to your routine.

Hit Every Muscle Group—No Skipping Leg Day

It can be easy to forget about certain muscle groups when you are working out. If you want big arms, you might skip leg day or avoid working on your core. A common misconception about the bodybuilder physique is that it is just about your upper body. When you look at yourself in your weightlifting clothing, you want to see a complete image and a well-rounded physique. That includes the legs. If you want to create your perfect lifting schedule, it’s important to hit every muscle group, especially your lower body.

Stick to Your Schedule

Being consistent with your schedule helps both your body and your mind. If you pack your weightlifting clothes at the same time every day, your mind will start to associate that time with getting ready for the gym. If you do the same exercise on the same day of the week, it will become a habit in your fitness routine. It is much harder to miss a workout when you have formed a habit. Then, hitting the gym can feel even easier since you can focus more on your actual workout. Instead of thinking about which muscle groups you worked last time, you can simply concentrate on your next rep.

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