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In the current era, traveling to unknown places has become more convenient due to the introduction of GPS. It has made it easy for people to recognize their location while traveling and understand their destination, how they will reach it, and many other benefits. These benefits can be procured by using a device that actually provides such benefits. One of the top names in the industry for providing such technology is Garmin. It is one of the old players that have produced amazing products and are still producing them. Nuvi 50lm is a product that has been in the market for more than 9 years. It has been liked by users for many of its features, but when it comes to updating it, many users may not know, how to do it. So, here’s us, providing you the process of Garmin Nuvi 50lm update.

Key Features of the Product

  • The device has a good 5-inch display which makes the visibility standard very good
  • The working of the device is very basic and thus users don’t need to understand any complicated knowledge to use the device
  • Within the display, the icons and maps are clearly available.
  • The device comes with the touch-screen feature and thus is easy to use
  • The main feature that the device provides is Life Maps. Thus, it helps in getting the Garmin Nuvi 50lm update for free

How to update the Map

As you are using the lifetime product updating the map is pretty simple. And the good thing to know is that you can do it all for free. Garmin products usually have this feature and it is also recommended to buy such devices only because otherwise, it would be very costly to buy the map officially from the company. Anyways, the updating can be done easily by downloading the application within your computer and then connecting your device to it. Follow the following steps for Garmin Nuvi 50lm update:

  •   Open the following website: Garmin | Account | Create
  •   Add the details asked on the website and select ‘Create Account’ to create one. If you already have an              account, you can sign using the following link: Garmin International | Account
  •   In the above option that is available, select ‘Automotive’
  •   Press on the option ‘Auto-motive Map Updates’
  •   Select ‘Download Garmin Express’
  •   Two options will be available according to the operating system of your computer. Select on your                      computer operating system.
  •   Once the option is selected the application will start downloading on your device. Once the process is              done, you can find the application in the downloads section of your download. The installation process of         the application is just like any other application, that you had installed.
  •   Once doing the basic installation process, the application will ask for some permissions and ask you to              accept its terms and conditions. Do so.
  •   Connect the Garmin Nuvi 50lm device to your computer.
  •   Select the ‘Add Device’ option within the application
  •   It will take a while for the application to recognize your device. Once it is done, the name of your device            will appear on your screen with an ‘Add Device’ option. Press on the option.
  •   Press on the ‘Sign-in’ option
  •   A pop-up will appear. Within this, add your account details.
  •   Again press ‘Sign-in’
  •   Some additional details will be asked here. Choose or add according to your choice.
  •   Press ‘Next’
  •   If your device is connected to a good internet connection, select ‘Next’
  •   Within this option, the software will ask permission to collect the data within your device for better                    functioning. You can select any of the two options to provide.
  •   Now the software will detect if any updates are available for the Garmin Nuvi 50lm that you had                        connected. If it finds one, the option will appear on the screen to update. Select the option.
  •   There will be another icon, called ‘Garmin Connect’. Select the icon.
  •   Select the ‘Install’ option. The process will begin.

Solution for Errors while doing this process.

You might face some errors while following the Garmin Nuvi 50lm update process. These errors are very normal and can be solved using some simple processes.

  • The main problem that you can face is that your device may not show up while you search for it. If this happens, try going back and adding the device again. Make sure that your device is properly connected to the computer and the USB port is properly functioning. Usually, reconnection of the device will solve your problem.
  • An error may also occur if your computer doesn’t have the space to add the update or the internet is not good enough to make the update possible. Thus, make sure your device has enough space and you have a good internet connection before making the update
  • If you have an application that was previously installed with the device connected. Open the option and select reload. The update will appear. If it’s not  working, delete the application and re-install the new one through the steps given above

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