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As a student or an office employee a lot of paperwork is required. There are projects to submit that include data added to the computer.  There are also various documents to be filled in that are available on the computers. All other forms of data that have to be converted in a physical form play an important role in the work. The printer thus plays a very important role in such an environment. These devices nowadays a quite different from how they used to be initially. Thus, you need to know how to set it up to make it work. Let’s dive into the process of Canon TR4520 Setup.


Unboxing the device- Canon TR4520 Setup

For a fresh device that you have bought a proper unboxing play an important role as it prevents initial damage if any happens while mishandling. You can do the given techniques to prevent them.

  1. Place the packed box on a flat surface.
  2. Open the box from the top. Use a sharp object while opening.
  3. Then move the box towards the left and remove the device with its plastic safely. Be patient while doing so.
  4. Remove the protection and plastic that the device had.
  5. Within a small box, there will be additional items. Keep them safe as you will need them in the further process.
  6. You can also check the instruction manual provided with the device for help
  7. There are a lot of tapes and other safety items within the device too. Open the device and remove them carefully


Before doing the Canon TR4520 Setup, you will have to activate it and make the device work-friendly. This will include all the processes that add up within the functioning process.

  1. This is a very basic task i.e., connecting the device to the power supply. This can be done with the help of the wire given in the additional items box.
  2. Press the power button.
  3. On the front side of the device, there will be a flap that can be opened. Within that flap, there will be another fap. Open it and you will see spaces occupied to install the ink. The ink will be available within the additional items box. Remove the cover and install it. Then, close the flap.
  4. The outer flap that you have opened will have an area in which you can add the paper. It will contain a blue color item that can be used for adjusting. Adjust it according to the size of your paper.
  5. Now add the information that the device will ask for on the main screen. You can use the buttons below the main screen to add the information.


When the previous instructions are followed, the device is all ready to do its job. The only thing that is necessary is to instruct the device, what exactly it has to do. This can be done through the Canon TR4520 Setup process. Since your device doesn’t always need an external connection just as the similar traditional machine that used to do the same job, you need to do this process forgiven the instruction regarding the end result that you want.

THE WIFI CONNECTION: Before doing so you will have to do the Canon TR4520 Setup process using the router that you have. This is an easy method. All you need to do is to select an icon within your device having a bulletin on-page and two rings connected. This is the menu icon. Once you select this the setup option will be available. Select the option by pressing okay. Finally, change the given set in the screen to direct connect and again press ‘OK’. Through this, the instruction will be available. Follow them and complete the connection.

There are various options for doing this process, do so according to your device and its operating system.

For A Device having the Windows Operating System or Mac Operating System.

This system will be usually available on the computer and laptop, so the process is also given keeping in mind the same. Thus, for Canon TR4520 Setup, it will be required to add some programs within the device that will connect it to further do the working through the help of this program.

  • Step no.1: The canon device that you are using has a button over which has two icons in the same button. One icon will look like a page kind of structure with bullet points, while the other icon will look like the two rings of a chain are connected. Once you select it, your device screen will show up the following “Follow the instructions….”
  • Step no.2: Open the given website: Canon: Manuals: Select Product Name
  • Step no.3: Scroll down and select the name similar to your device.
  • Step no.4: Press on the options provided there. It will lead you to the page where the option will be available to download the program. Pressing it will start the process.
  • Step no.5: Now install the program within your device. The initial process is simply how you install any other program. Further, some instructions will be provided within the program to get in.
  • Step no.6: The program will search for your device and get installed. It will then approach you to try the technique of doing the print. Do so to understand the process.
  • Step 8: Once all this is done, you can press ‘Next’ until the whole process gets completed and the ‘Exit’ option appears. Also, read the instructions given within the process to understand what you are doing.

For a Mobile Device have an Android or IOS Operating system

The feature that is available for your computer is also available for your mobile phone, it will almost be similar with some changes that you have to do. The changes must be done within your mobile device as well as your Canon Device. This is how it should be done.

  • Step no.1: Press on the button with the ring connected and the page with a bullet, which you also selected in the technique given above.
  • Step no.2: It will have an option to connect the device to the Wi-Fi called Wi-Fi to connect. Select it and then again select a similar option by pressing ‘OK’. Finally, you will again get the ‘Follow Instructions’ displayed on the screen
  • Step no.3: Within your mobile device download the application through the store where you download all other applications. For this, you can search there with ‘Canon Printer’. Once you have downloaded it, it will provide you with certain instructions while installing. Doing so will add the device which you can select and further use.

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