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Health effects of vitamin A deficiency

Vitamin A deficiency affects health in many ways. Vitamin A is one of the vitamins that does not dissolve in water and is absorbed into the body along with fats and plays a vital role in keeping our body functioning. The deficiency of vitamin A is only found by lab tests that can perform by the Chughtai lab.

Vitamin deficiency plays a vital role in eyesight, immune system, and skin health. In developed countries, people generally do not suffer from Vitamin A deficiency, and people in developing countries, including Pakistan, suffer from this deficiency.

Pregnant women in particular and those who breastfeed their babies, young and old, suffer from severe deficiencies. Some chronic diseases, especially chronic diarrhea, also make the body prone to this vitamin deficiency.

Night blindness

Severe deficiency can lead to night blindness, which can lead to night blindness, and the disease affects many people in developing countries, especially in Pakistan. Consult an ophthalmologist for information on eye diseases from Chughtai lab.

Dry skin

It plays a vital role in keeping our skin healthy, and it repairs dead skin cells and prevents inflammation on the skin. Vitamin A deficiency can lead to many skin diseases, especially eczema. Its deficiency causes eczema, the skin becomes dry, and the skin becomes itchy and swollen.

Infertility and pregnancy

It plays a very important role in the reproductive and maternal development of children in men and women. If you are not pregnant or have infertility in a man, you are most likely deficient in vitamin A.

Children who suffer from this deficiency do not develop their bodies on time as this vitamin is very important for physical development. Chughtai lab provides the best platform for lab tests.  A large number of children in Pakistan suffer from developmental deficiency.

Throat and chest infections

Recurrent throat and chest infections may be due to vitamin A deficiency, and school-going children in Pakistan usually fall ill with this infection after one or two months. In that case, consult a child specialist, and if they are fed foods rich in vitamin A, it will have a very positive effect on their health, and they will be less prone to disease.

Do not heal wounds

Late wound healing after an injury or operation may be due to its deficiency. It produces an important protein used inside the skin called collagen, which keeps the skin healthy and vitamins after the wound. If A is used excessively, it plays a very important role in healing the wound. In case of deterioration of the wounds, consult a dermatologist from Chughtai lab.

Acne on the face and cracking of the heels

It refreshes and brightens the skin and can reduce the appearance of nail pimples, especially in winter, when cracks appear on the scalp. In the case of acne, it is also very useful to use lotions rich in it.

The body’s immune system

Our body’s immune system gives the body the ability to fight off germs. And kill them on its own, but if the immune system is weak. These germs can make us sick very quickly and our health. It plays a vital role in strengthening our immune system. So eating foods rich in it can protect us from such germs.

Eat whole foods rich in vitamin A

There are two types of Performing Vitamin A and Pro-Vitamin A. And both of these types can be obtaining from many foods. Preform Vitamin A can be obtain from fish. Meat, eggs, and dairy products and Pro-Vitamin A from red. Green and yellow vegetables and fruits.

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