How can You Protect The Tooth Enamel?

Nowadays, people are more conscious about their smile and improved look. It is important to check the health of your tooth enamel which is related to smile. What to do when there are stains or yellowish on your teeth? This is an important question which makes you feel depressed when you have dark colored teeth. Go through this blog post to know how you can protect the enamel and address if teeth whitening is a harmful procedure.

Importance of teeth enamel

Enamel is a thin outer layer of tooth that covers the crown and seen from the gum. The hard outer surface of tooth is the first defense against chemical and physical harm.

The enamel’s role is to protect softer and sensitive inner tooth, known as the dentin. It is the main defense against substances and your enamel is prone to breakage. The exposure of bacteria from acidic substances, starches or sugar threatens the enamel. The tooth enamel protects against daily use of teeth which include – biting, chewing, grinding and crunching.

What to do when teeth enamel reduces

The enamel is the toughest tissue and does not have living cells. So, it cannot repair itself if it undergoes some damage. Like your remaining body that repairs itself, once the enamel is gone, it is gone forever. Here are some preventative methods to avoid the loss of tooth enamel.

External prevention

Try to prevent damage to the enamel by avoiding acidic fruits, sugary fruits and beverages. These foods are the most damaging substances to the enamel. They interact with bacteria and produce lactic acid that eat away healthy minerals.

The process causes your enamel to break down. When you eat sugary foods, try not to chew hard candies like lollipops, ice or warheads. This may damage the enamel by causing chips or cracks. Suck on hard candies than biting them.

When you cannot avoid acidic or sugary foods, brush teeth to push calcium and phosphates back into your tooth for hardened enamel. Some common external factors for the enamel breakdown are:

  • Eat lots of starchy foods
  • Eat excess of sugary items
  • Drink lots of soft drinks
  • Fruits that have higher levels of acids
  • Eat excess of Vitamin C
  • Dry mouth
  • Proper medications
  • Acid Reflux

Internal prevention

Other than external environmental factors, the tooth enamel may damage due to internal factors. Some common causes of damaging the enamel of tooth are friction or wear and tear. The former usually happens at the time of sleeping while grinding or clenching the teeth. The latter occurs when you brush teeth extremely hard, bite on hard objects and floss in an improper way.

Signs of enamel erosion

  • Yellow discoloration
  • Teeth can become irregular, jagged or rough
  • Sensitivity to some foods and temperature leads to pain
  • Indentions can appear on your teeth surface

How teeth whitening is a safe option for the enamel

The yellow discoloration of teeth is the common sign of damaged enamel. So, there arises a question if teeth whitening may cause damage to your enamel. The answer is no as teeth whitening doesn’t damage your tooth enamel.

The dentin, is the main portion of tooth and responsible for the color of teeth. Your teeth are coated through a whitening solution on the front part of tooth. This solution then passes through the enamel of tooth to dentin. So, the stained tissue present in inner layer starts to become light. The procedure requires nearly an hour.

Treatment for tooth enamel loss

The common treatment for tooth enamel loss is bonding. The procedure happens when a tooth-colored material resin gets applied to your damaged teeth. The resin covers yellow discoloration and protects your teeth to prevent further damage. When your case becomes severe, the dentist suggests adding a crown or veneer to avoid further decay.

Having stained or discolored teeth may make you feel low and depressed. It is important to see a dentist and perform teeth whitening treatment to improve your look. You will feel good about yourself when you boost the level of confidence. Talk to a dentist and know if you are the right candidate for the procedure. You may visit at to schedule your appointment and restore your smile for the confident look.

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