How Do You Identify The Best CBSE And International Schools In Bangalore?

Bangalore has some of the best schools in the country. These include the best CBSE schools as well as some outstanding international schools. There are several reasons for this. The city has an old tradition of according a lot of importance to education.


The urbane and cosmopolitan nature of the city is also behind the fact that education is valued in the city. Then there is also the fact that Bangalore boasts great weather. 


The city’s emergence as the global technology headquarters has seen a lot of well-heeled techies come to work and live in the city. That too has led to a growth in the best of CBSE schools as well as a great many international schools.

How we can get to identify the best CBSE school and international school in the city of Bangalore.

  1. Infrastructure and Ambiance

It is well recognized that a child’s ability to learn, imbibe knowledge and growth is directly impacted by the kind of ambiance that they study in. A nice campus with spacious and modern classrooms, as well as the best sports and recreational facilities, including playgrounds and proper provision for coaching, helps bring out the best in a child. There are a lot of schools in Bangalore that provide that and one should zero in on the one that is best suited to one’s child’s or children’s needs.

2. Faculty

You may have the best infrastructure and facilities provided by a school, but if that is not matched up by top-rate teachers, you cannot expect students to learn all that much. It is, therefore, important to choose the best international school for your child that has taken the trouble to hire the best teachers. Fortunately, Bangalore has a large number of schools that spare no expense in hiring the best teaching staff. You should get your child admission to such a school.

3. Academic Record

The kind of academic performance a child puts up has a direct bearing on their future. It is important that parents consider a school’s past academic track record before putting their child in a school. Again, Bangalore is pretty well endowed in this respect and it makes sense to take advantage of that fact and put one’s child in the right kind of school.

4. Curriculum

The best schools in India follow leading curricula like CBSE, IGCSE, and the International Baccalaureate programs. Most of Bangalore’s international schools offer these top-rated curricula and you can choose a school based on which one’s out of these suit their requirements the most.

5. Pedigree of the School

The reputation of a school in terms of the number of years it has been in existence, who is behind running the institution in question, and how it is perceived among the people in general, also has a bearing on one’s choice of school. For instance, school chains like the DPS and the GIIS groups have a fair reputation for the quality of education they provide and their excellent infrastructure.


Bangalore is known far and wide as an excellent city to live in and its sterling educational facilities are a major reason behind that reputation. It would make eminent sense for any parent in the city to take their time and choose the best CBSE School that is just right for the educational needs of their child or children.

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