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How parties think about Abortion?

  protecting the unborn life is central to Christians. In the federal election campaign in 2021, however, this topic will only play a subordinate role. Two points are noticeable here: First, the concentrate force per abortion comes from the left. Second, the protection of life does not appear in the Union program – the CDU / CSU do not position themselves with a single word on this topic. Regarding the individual party political positions:

CDU / CSU: No statement on the protection of life

In the election program “The program for stability and renewal. Together for a modern Germany ”, surprisingly, there are no statements on the subject of the protection of life. This means that the CDU and CSU are the only parties that do not position themselves in their election manifesto to protect life – neither in an affirmative nor in a negative manner. This is irritating insofar as the Union parties proclaim for themselves that they represent Christian values. Questions to parliamentarians and CDU groups regarding this reluctance were not answer. Christian Hill Gruber, Professor of Public Law and Director of the Institute for Canon Law at the University of Bonn and Chairman of the Jurists’ Association for Life Law eV, sees this loophole as a strategic error of Christian Democracy:

SPD: Abortion as a basic care

For the Social Democrats, abortions are suppose to be part of the basic care belong. Therefore, if the SPD had its way, all hospitals that receive public funding should offer abortions in the future. This offer is to be supplement by free access to contraceptives. Furthermore, the Social Democrats see an obstacle in Section 219a of the Criminal Code (St GB), which should be delete without replacement. This paragraph regulates the ban on advertising for abortions. Furthermore, the SPD states with a view to § 218 St GB: “Pregnancy conflicts do not belong in criminal law.”

The controversial § 218 St GB defines that an abortion is generally punishable in Germany, but can be exempt from punishment under certain circumstances. An abortion is exempt from punishment if the pregnant woman takes advice beforehand, the abortion is perform by a doctor and it is done within twelve weeks of conception. At this point, however, law professor Hill gruber refers to the Federal Constitutional Court. The highest court itself rule on this: “According to this, criminal law is regularly the place to anchor the fundamental prohibition on the termination of pregnancy and the fundamental legal obligation of women to carry the child contain therein.”

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AFD: “Welcome culture for children”

The “Alternative fur Deutschland” is the only party represent in the Bundestag to take a clear position in favor of the protection of life in its election manifesto. Under the heading “Welcome culture for children”, the AFD states on one and a half pages that it is commit to protecting life. The AFD names moral as well as demographic reasons for advocating the protection of unborn life: “Society must convey respect for life and a positive image of marriage and parenthood in families, schools and the media. This need can be recognize by the fact that around 100,000 unborn children have been kill annually in Germany for years, which corresponds to the number of inhabitants of a large city. ”

Pregnancy conflict counseling has with into a “formal administrative act” and its effectiveness must be check regularly so that it serves to protect life. According to the AFD, abortions should become an exception. Exceptions, on the other hand, should still be possible: “The decision about an abortion must of course lie with the mother or the parents,” says the election program “Germany. But normal. ”

FDP: For an “objective advisory network”

In the opinion of the Liberals, women in Germany must have a “comprehensive and objective advisory network”. The Free Democrats are also in favor of deleting Section 219a of the Criminal Code. This paragraph regulates the ban on advertising for abortion measures and has long been a thorn in the side of abortion advocates. According to the Liberals in their election manifesto for the 2021 federal election, “it is absurd that factual information on a doctor’s homepage about legal medical intervention is a criminal offense.”

Conclusion Abortion:

However, law professor Hill gruber sees this advertising ban as an important means: “That the advertising ban on abortions (§ 219a St GB) also makes good sense is shown by the case of Hänel: Anyone who publicly agrees to ‘the pregnancy tissue’ to remove, deliberately plays down the termination of pregnancy and tries to conceal the fact that this is about the killing of a person.

This is nothing more than advertising. ”The Giessen doctor Kristina Hänel had hit the headlines nationwide because she had illegally advertise abortions on the homepage of her practice and, despite being convict, remain convince of her actions.

The Left: “Reproductive Justice”

“We want legal access to abortion for women *, trans and non-binary people, ” demands the Left. To this end, she leads in her election slogan “Time to act. For social security, peace and climate protection ”from deleting paragraphs 218 and 219 from the penal code. These paragraphs regulate abortion and the ban on advertising for abortions. Public hospitals want to call on the left to offer abortions in the event of government participation. In addition, abortions should be regulate as part of health care as well as other medical services. Furthermore, the left demand that the costs of all contraceptive methods should be cover by health insurance companies.

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