How To Care For A Shaved Head?

Shaving your head using a bald shaving kit has several advantages and is easier to maintain. Generally, the scalp reacts to diverse weather conditions in different ways. Due to the absence of humidity in the air and the active exposure to the sun rays, your scalp may dry out and peel in the winter and on hot sunny days. High temperatures, on the other hand, cause the scalp to become oily and shiny. As a result, we must take proper care of a bald head.

Maintaining A Bald Head In Cold Weather And On Sunny Days.

The scalp can dry out or peel due to the lack of hair, particularly when exposed to direct sunlight and cold. These ten tips will guide you on how to maintain a shaved head in both cold and hot weather:

  1. Moisturize & hydrate

After using a head shaver kit, a shaved head requires moisture and hydration, especially during the winter when the air is dry and on sunny days when the scalp is exposed to UV rays. A bald head moisturizer will keep it moisturized, smooth, and clean while also preventing skin irritation.

  1. Consume at least two liters of water.

As our bodies are prone to dehydration, we should drink a sufficient quantity of water daily, approximately 2 liters.

  1. Don’t expose yourself to the sunlight for long.

The sun’s UVA/UVB radiation may affect the scalp and cause various skin conditions such as cancer, severe sunburns, and skin aging. It can also lead to heatstroke and eye problems such as cataracts. In this case, stay out of the sunlight for as long as possible.

  1. Use sunscreen to protect your bald head from sun rays.

If you can’t avoid being exposed to direct sunlight, the very least you can do is use sunscreen.

  1. Wear a bald head cap on sunny days.

Buy a good cap for your shaved head and a great pair of sunglasses, and wear them every time you go out in the sun to protect yourself from the damaging UVA/UVB rays. It will protect by blocking out the sun’s damaging rays.

  1. Wet shaving

On cold and hot days, your skin requires extra moisture, one of which is a wet shave. Not only will a wet shave moisturize your scalp, but it will also protect your skin from irritation, roughness, and razor bumps. For a wet shave, you can use shaving cream, gel, foam, or soap.

  1. Find the best shaver

Starting with a bald head shaving kit, one may get a healthy and fresh appearance. Electric shavers are preferable to razors in several circumstances. They don’t irritate the skin, and they are safe to use.

  1. Don’t throw away your shampoo and conditioner.

Even if you keep your head shaved, you still need to care for your scalp and those tiny hairs! Oil and debris may quickly accumulate on the scalp, giving your shaved head an oily appearance. So, start with a beautiful piece of refreshing shampoo and end with a moisturizing conditioner to complete your neat look.

  1. Use a beanie to protect your bald head in cold weather.

Whether you’re balding in your 20s or your 50s, a good beanie or cap for shaved heads is an excellent lifesaver in the winter when the weather becomes bitterly cold.

  1. Warm showers

The hot shower may dry out your skin. As a result, either take warm showers instead of hot ones or use a moisturizer for a shaved head to fully hydrate and nourish your scalp after each shower.


We hope that these ten tips answered your query about “how to care for a shaved head?” Try all these steps and purchase a well-fitted bald shaving kit to get a sleek, clear bald head and prevent scalp issues.


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