How to Choose a Comfortable Hijab Material

A comfortable hijab material is a material that does not cause heat when worn. Considering that the hijab is used to cover the Aurat, it must be as comfortable as wearing clothes. Especially when traveling for a long time, wearing the hijab will affect the feeling of stifling.

You certainly become irritated and sometimes uncomfortable because of the sweat that comes out from between your hair and forehead. For that, it is better for you, hijabs, to always wear a hijab that is not hot. There are several tips regarding the selection of hijab materials that you can consider.


1. Cotton Hijab Material

Cotton is more often used for clothing materials such as t-shirts. But along with the development of hijab models in the world, cotton is also used for the creativity of hijab models. Cotton is a thick material for hijab. So you don’t have to worry about looking transparent when wearing it.

Although thick, the cotton material absorbs sweat so it does not cause a feeling of heat. It is better to wear cotton when traveling long distances. Especially when traveling in a place that has cold temperatures. Because in addition to not feeling hot, it will also warm your head.

2. Silk Hijab Material

As soft as the fabric is silk. You need to choose a hijab material from silk. As a comfortable hijab material, silk has been proven. Silk material itself is a material produced from silkworms which is expensive.

Besides being expensive, silk material also has a high quality. You will not feel hot by wearing silk for the hijab. This silk material is said to be not hot because when touched by hand, the smoothness of the silk material is felt. The smoother it is, the less heat it makes for the hijab material.

Moreover, the motifs of silk are quite diverse. So you will be more beautiful wearing it. Sweat does not come out, the appearance will be beautiful with a scarf made of silk.

3. Shirt Material

There is cotton material for t-shirts, there is also t-shirt material for t-shirts. This shirt material is a material that is fairly comfortable. Not cold and also not hot when used for hijab.

Although the weakness of the t-shirt hijab material is that it easily fades, but to find a hijab material that is not hot, one of them is this t-shirt material.

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4. Bahan Sailing

The subtlety of the hijab material has been explained to make it not hot. Like voile material will also make you comfortable. Hot, hot, or the like does not exist for voile material. This material is not only smooth but also has sufficient flexibility. It needs emphasis when going to shape it because it is not easy to make hijab creations.

For hijabs, they must be good at choosing hijab materials that match the air temperature. Especially for hijabs who live in Indonesia. The tropical climate does require you to always wear a hijab that is not hot. Because the hijab is also a type of modest clothing.

Discomfort when wearing it will certainly be very annoying. Hot temperatures do not make the hijab a cause of discomfort in dressing. If you can choose clothes such as clothes that are not hot, then the hijab should be like that too.

And one more thing if you are confused about determining the type of material from the hijab, then ask the hijab seller directly. So you are no longer wrong in wearing the hijab material.

Use the tips above as a reminder to wear a hijab with comfortable hijab material.

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