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How to choose a pair of engagement rings for couples?

How to choose engagement rings?

Both of you have decided to take things to the next level. After dating and getting to know each other well, it is now time to take things forward. Both of you have decided to get engaged.  Congratulations! Now comes the time when you need to buy your engagement rings.

What do you do first? Most of us would Google ‘Engagement rings Centennial or ‘Engagement rings in Queens’ or anything like this to find jewelers in your vicinity.

You visit a few jewelers and narrow down your options to choose one that suits you best.

Now comes the time-consuming part

Choosing a pair of diamond engagement rings

As this is not a surprise proposal, both of you can take your time choosing a ring that matches both of your tastes. Firstly, you have to decide on a budget for this expense- do not go overboard as you will also need to spend on your wedding, honeymoon, and down payment for your home.

State your budget to the jeweler, he will help you choose a diamond engagement ring that matches your requirements. The best part of buying rings is that you can lower the price of an engagement ring by customizing the design or using budget-friendly materials.

Most Diamond stores Denver or elsewhere stateside would help you customize your engagement rings. Let us see some of the options you have-

Solitaire engagement rings

Arguably the most popular of the lot, a diamond engagement ring is considered a classic. The custom of adding a solitaire diamond to the ring was a part of a successful marketing campaign and is yet one of the most in-demand engagement ring styles. Usually, women’s engagement rings consist of a diamond while the men’s is a simple band of metal. However, there are now various designs where men too have diamond-studded engagement rings.

Stackable Rings

A trend gaining in popularity is the stackable engagement ring. Here, the main solitaire ring is added with another ring giving a unique look. Many couples choose to buy their engagement and wedding rings together using such stackable rings. Sets of such rings are worn on the engagement day and wedding day.

Fingerprint Engagement Ring

One of the best ways to customize your ring, is to get your better half’s fingerprint imprinted on it. This is a low-budget but high-impact way of depicting your love and affection for each other.

Double Metal Rings

Many couples who yearn to stand out are increasingly opting for double metal rings. These are not only lighter on the pocket but can be bought off-the-shelf. Some Custom Jewelers Denver and other places add diamonds and other precious stones to the rings, but that is an individual choice.

Three Stone Rings

Instead of a single solitaire, some couples opt for three-stone diamond rings. Some of these come in different shapes and designs. You can choose one based on your requirements. 

Platinum Rings

Also known as ‘white gold’, platinum is more valuable than gold. Platinum rings for couples are for those who have deep pockets. These rings can also come studded with diamonds and other precious stones for an exclusive look.

Is time on your side?

Once you have made your selection, you then have to choose whether you want any tweaks to the design or choose the rings off the shelf. If you are looking to choose a customized diamond engagement ring, you will need to give your jeweler a few weeks to get the rings made.

Customization can help you reduce the cost of the rings, but it may take time to get the rings made based on the design’s complexity. Also, you will have to buy Denver diamonds and other precious stones separately. Your jeweler would assist you here.

Many couples have been together for so long that the man doesn’t need to do a surprise proposal. Shopping for engagement rings together is perhaps the first big purchase a couple makes.

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