How to Choose Your Own and Special Lucky Gemstones As Amulets and Talisman

Many people around the world believe that gemstones and gemstone beaded bracelets have powers of protection. Some are even able to use them in the body to alleviate ailments such as arthritis or diabetes. There is a wide variety of stones you can use, but there are some special ones that are more beneficial than others. Follow these steps to find your very own lucky gemstone and protect yourself with it as well!

Step One: Find a stone that has meaning for you

This is important because it will make sure the stone works for you rather than against you. An example of this is knowing that a quartz crystal is used to fight back against negativity and absorb negative energy. It can actually grow its own crystals as well!

Step Two: Find a spot in your house that has good vibes

Clear quartz is often used as an energy healer in symbology because they have a very high vibration. It is also great for healing the mind, body and soul. If you live in a small apartment or dorm room, you can even place your clear quartz with the four corners to bring greater energy into your room from the outside world.

Step Three: Make sure it stays in its natural state

You will want to check out your stone before you go shopping for a matching necklace or bracelet. Quartz is a stone of transformation, so you’re looking for one that is already crystallized. Avoid crystals that have been artificially grown or polished so they are not able to connect with the earth. There are many ways to grow your own stones and be very careful!

Step Four: Do your research

You’ll want to find a natural stone or gemstone beaded bracelet that has a specific meaning for you. This can help you be more artistic with your choice and give them meaning, but it is also crucial for why these stones will function the way they do. This isn’t about being superstitious; it’s about knowing what will help you the best. 

Step Five: Make it a part of your life

Depending on the type of crystal or gemstone beaded bracelet that you have chosen, it is important to make sure that you are treating it well. If you have a bloodstone, it is possible that the bloodstone will bring you negative energy if your heart isn’t pure. Just like anything else in life, it’s important to make sure that you’re treating your stone well and making sure they can help in their own way.

Step Six: Get creative!

We’ve talked about this before with some special stones such as agate and jade but even the clear quartz can be great for healing properties. You can save yourself the time and money of buying a special piece by finding one that is already clear, or you can buy the crystal and get it a little clearer yourself. It’s just like any other hobby, so there’s really no reason not to get creative with it!

Step Seven: Get creative, Part Two

One of the most popular ways to use a stone is through meditation, but that’s not all! Many people believe that if you’re wearing your stone on your body, you should keep it in a place where your body will touch it every day. For example, if you’re wearing an amethyst on a necklace then make sure you wear your necklace every day so they can absorb negative energy from your necklace. The stones will also release negativity from your body.

Step Eight: Buy the best selection

There are many options when it comes to lucky gemstone beaded bracelets and you will be happy that you have a wide selection that can be used as accessories or kept in your home. Make sure you find an assortment of stones so you can discover which lucky gemstone is right for you! No matter what, it is important to make sure that any stone that is put into your body is clean and natural and has a connection with the earth. This is important to avoid any negativity or even infections.

Step Nine: Ask a gemstone expert!

There are many gemstones that have specific meanings that you can choose from, but even then it is important to make sure you find the right one and know what it means first. You can always ask a local store expert or someone that works with any of these stones for yourself and anyone else that may need guidance as well. Make sure you feel confident about your selection so you’re not disappointed if you don’t like the stone. 

Step Ten: Pick your lucky gemstone wisely

Whether you choose a stone that has good energy or one that will bring protection, it’s important to research and make sure you’re picking the right type. You don’t want to end up wearing something that doesn’t work for you, and you can even find a lucky gemstone selection card so you can see the variety available in your area. There are many resources available on how to choose your own and special lucky gemstones as amulets and talismans.

What are the benefits of gemstones?

Gemstones and gemstone beaded bracelets have many medicinal properties. They are used for protection and to bring about good luck. It was believed that the most desired diamond was known as “The Stone of the Kings”. The people believed that it could bring great wealth and magic power. It is also said that diamonds were once considered sacred, being thought of as commemorative stones.

Different gemstones have different properties. Each stone is composed of carbon, which gives them their unique color and their chemical make-up. The hardness, presence of inclusions, and other factors are what make each stone different from one another. 

Lucky Gemstones: Amethyst

Amethysts have been popular since Roman times. It is believed that the amethyst represents the element of air. These gemstone beaded bracelets are found in a variety of colors and are used to give their wearers protection from both physical and mental harm. 

Lucky Gemstones: Garnet

Garnets are one of the most popular stones and have been worn throughout time. It is believed that they bring their wearers happiness, prosperity, and good luck. These gemstone beaded bracelets can be found in a variety of colors, but it is important to make sure you get one that is natural and not painted or stained in any way.

Lucky gemstone: Jade

These gemstones have been worn by the Chinese for countless years. It is believed that jade brings longevity, love, happiness, and positive energy to the wearer.

Lucky Gemstones: Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is popular throughout history and was used for jewelry in ancient Egypt. They were believed to bring their wearer love, good luck, and wealth. 

Lucky Gemstone: Quartz

Quartz has been used since ancient times as a stone that brings clarity of mind, fortunate events, and good fortune. These stones are white in color but can vary from clear to multi color depending on their location of origin. 

Lucky Gemstones: Red Jade

Red jade is a very popular gemstone because of its healing properties. These gemstone beaded bracelets are said to protect their wearers from sickness, fire, and even killing demons, making them perfect for any amulet.


It is important to make sure you find the right gemstone for you. Whether it’s for protection, good fortune, or healing, there is a lucky gemstone for anyone.

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