How to Clean and Maintain Your Air Rifle

Airgun shooters who have been around this business for a while could tell you that air rifles are in good condition and need to be maintained. Respective air gunners must be familiar with the maintenance procedure to ensure their purchase lasts. 

Although an air gun may look simple from the outside, they are made up of many parts that require proper cleaning and maintenance. This blog will discuss different ways to maintain your air rifle to preserve its best performance.


Air gun barrels can get dirty, but they aren’t as messy as real firearms. The barrels can accumulate oil and metal from firing pellets which is the main issue. Two rules are generally applied when cleaning an internal barrel.

Oiling your barrel is not a good idea due to the nature and fragility of air guns, and it can hinder the air gun’s mechanism and cause damage. Additionally, oil can cause dieseling (in which the oil ignites when you fire a pellet), and this can cause damage to your seals over time.

Cleaning pellets are a great way to ensure that your bar regularly works. It is best to use a cleaning pellet for every tin of pellets, and you can also use a cleaning rod if you’re looking for other ways.


As with all metal constructions, the barrel’s exterior needs to be appropriately maintained to prevent rust. It isn’t difficult and does not require any special equipment.

Wash your barrel if it is wet: Simply wipe your barrel over if it is in contact with water. There is a high possibility of damage to the metalwork by water, so this must be done as soon as there’s a contract.

Use protective sprays: If you want to keep your air gun in a new-looking condition, you can use either a silicon gun oil or rust protection spray for this purpose. Both will protect your barrel from rust and wear while keeping it look brand-new.


Air guns are known for their unique woodwork, which is a significant drawback. These guns are made from various woods, including hardwood and beech. However, the wood may show signs of wear over time, and it could be easily remedied.

WIPE YOUR WOODWORK WHILE IT IS WET – Just like the barrel on the outside, when your rifle is exposed to water, make sure you wipe it clean to avoid woodwork from getting rotten.

Varnish your woodwork: You can apply a varnish with a stick finish to the woodwork to keep your air rifle looking stunning. This will give your rifle a high-quality shine and protect it against minor impacts.


Many people in the air gun industry do not understand the importance and necessity of maintaining the action. Many industry experts believe that simply wiping the stock with water will protect it from further damage. However, little do they know that water could seep inside the stock and cause it to rust or seize.

USE GUN OIL TO PREVENT IT – You will need to operate the stock with an appropriate tool and then put a small amount of gun oil into the action. It is to be noted that there should be a strict use of gun oil and not any other motor oil. The reason is, motor oils are too thick and could cause internal damage to the mechanism and soften the wood.


Because of the importance and complexity of the trigger mechanism, most trigger work should be handed over to professionals. You could endanger the rifle’s cocking mechanism by doing it wrong. Following are some options for you to play with the trigger mechanism.

Degreasing: You should leave your trigger mechanism to itself. However, if you are a bit of a tinkerer and want to check out the internal mechanism, you can easily do so by removing the trigger mechanism’s casing. After you’re done with this, spray a degreaser on the trigger mechanism. Then, re-oil the affected areas.

Do not attempt this if you aren’t confident – We will repeat; if you don’t feel comfortable doing it, do not try this. You wouldn’t want the mechanism to her damaged.

These are just a few measures that you could undertake to keep your air rifle in good condition. Our final recommendation is to have your air rifle regularly serviced by a trained professional. This will ensure that your rifle performs at its best for a long time. The frequency at which you service your air rifle will depend upon how frequently you use it to shoot. For example, if you shoot once per week, you should get it served for every two years.

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