How to draw a parrot?

How to draw a parrot?

Once you have learned how to draw a parrot, you can finish it with any combination of colors you want. The variants in which they arrive seem to be endless. Parrot drawing completed with pen and pencils. Did you know that parrots are considered to be part of the smartest creations? They have big brains and big beaks, which helps them mimic voices and even use simple tools. This tutorial will guide the students in drawing the basic shape of the bird and the characteristics necessary for a bird to resemble a parrot. The large eye, beak, and colorful wing bring to life a bird, unlike any other ring! we’re busy. Parrot Drawing Step by Step Tutorial Overview


The Ticonderoga brand is the most reliable, creates beautiful dark lines when you need them, and is the easiest to erase. Buying per-sharpened ones will save busy teachers a lot of time.


Large ones that you can hold in your hand do a much better job than pencil-tipped gums, especially when erasing remaining pencil lines after tracing.

Black Marquis.

These fine tipped permanent markers create excellent black outlines; have a good tip for coloring, and never bleed when wet. Use it with good ventilation and add extra paper to protect your tables.

  Prang’s pastels.

These are softer than other pastels, so they sometimes look like oil pastels. They also have beautiful undertones of brown that Crayola doesn’t have unless you buy the larger boxes.

 Crayola pastels.

The reliable brand that always performs well. The pack of 24 contains certainties of orange and yellow colors that seem richer and more talkative than Prang’s cells.

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You are about to learn how to draw an adorable parrot full of bright colors and meaningful special effects! In fact, these drawing lessons are improving day by day. Parrots are fun animals to draw. The advantage of this character is that you can use almost any of these colors to create your artwork. You also have the option to play with the shapes and features such as the beak and tail. Illustration by Do you like this? Good news! The can be yours now!

Step 1

First of all, you need to create the sketch which is used as a template for the vector version. If you have a tablet, don’t hesitate to create your illustration on your computer. I prefer to start with a pencil and a sheet of paper.

2nd step

Convert your drawing to a digital file and open your vector application. Create a new layer and add black outlines. For a more exciting result, your lines may be uneven (pointed at both ends).

Step 3

Create another layer behind the lines and draw solid shapes filled with simple colors. You can get creative because parrots can be colored in a great variety of bright colors.

Step 4

Select your gradient tool and add a simple shadow effect on all the solid shapes in your illustration. Only the eye (not the pupil) should remain 100% white.

Step 5

The shadows created with the Gradient tool are nice, but they are not enough to add depth to the illustration. Create a third layer and place it between full forms and contours. Draw dark shapes on the areas here are not sharpened by the lights. Select the transparency tool and partially hide each body created in the previous step. Since the light is practically placed on the parrot, the underside of each shape should be darker.

Step 7

Create another layer (place it on top) and add white shapes on the areas directly exposed to the light source. I like to keep some space between the edges of these shapes and the blacks created earlier outlines.

Step 8

Use the transparency tool again, but this time you need to hide the bottom of each shape. well! The character looks good, and as you can see the illustration has more volume than cells from step 4.

Step 9

One last hash that you can do is change the color of the outlines. You can use a tone

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