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How to Draw Easy Pure Contour Drawing

Using Pure Shape in Drawing

The drawing of a pure contour line is the simplest form of linear expression. The line represents the obvious edges of an object. If the subject is carefully choosing and focused. A pure infusion of the picture can have energy, accuracy, and integrity. Surface designations such as color, obscuration, and highlight are not overlooking in real contour drawing ideas. Just draw the defined edges, resist the temptation to color with shadows.

The Importance of the Defined Line

Some edges are transparent, with a defined beginning and end. But when the ending turns an advantage or flattens out (as along the nose bridge). The line should not draw but indicate. The artist requires to determine where the drawn line ends. The choice should not be arbitrary but should aim to help the viewer make sense of the form.

Be consistent in your handling of similar shapes and edges. The transition from side to the plane, or the line with an advantage that is not sharp. May be indicated or suggested by making breaks in a bar, a dotted line, or some difference between the two. A simple form, such as this apple, may offer little opportunity to use the indicated line. Lightweight – hitting more or less – can also be used.

Signatory o Calligraphic Line

A calligraphic or signatory line is a different potent form of creative drawing in which the artist provides the flow of the line to convey some feeling. The signature line, like the signature, is unique to the artist, the product of their hand and mind. In this example, we looked at the shape of the apple and tried to capture it with a pair of quick, simple, and flowing lines of calligraphy. Your style or line signature may be different, just like your signature.

Limitations of Pure Contour Drawing

A complicated object with multiple edges may provide the impression of detail, but a simple thing will not offer information about its three-dimensional form. For example, a circle could be a smooth disk, a ball, or a hole. Only the meaning of the drawing provides evidence about the form with easy drawing tutorials. As a result, shapes can be easily misinterpreted or look strange, or poorly drawn. In this example, the fingers are somewhat enclosed because the lack of cool drawings information gives the viewer a preliminary indication as to whether at the foreshortening level.

Amazing like this cool drawing and obtain it elegant and straightforward, probably because they look at it from a more reflective or design perspective, where these elements can be essential.

Contour Drawing using Lineweight and Implied Line

Combining features gives the observer more information about the form. Different weight lines – lighter lines – or indicated lines, where a line breaks off and remains, creating it straightforward that they are not sharply defined contours but surface detail or weaker side. In this example, these line types describe the creases in hand and suggest planes formed by bent fingers.

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