How to Find the Perfect Hand Trucks for Your Business

Whether your business requires employees to deliver items or move boxes of products in a warehouse, you need material handling equipment. Provide high-quality hand trucks to make material moving jobs easier, faster, and safer. Not all hand trucks are equal, however, and finding the one that works best for your business can be a process. Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind when outfitting your employees with material handling tools.

Durable and Reliable Hand Trucks

First, find a brand that builds durable and reliable hand trucks. Because of how useful they can be, your employees will likely use them often. That means you will want to get hand trucks that can withstand heavy use and exposure to poor weather. Your employees will not want to use rusty tools. When they use a hand truck, it should be ready to help them move boxes and other items immediately.

Versatile Hand Trucks for Moving and Delivering

Another factor is versatility. If your employees move items in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, you may want something with more versatility than a classic hand truck. That’s where a convertible hand truck is perfect for the job. It can convert from a classic upright position to a horizontal platform truck. This gives your employees the versatility they need to get the job done efficiently with oddly shaped items. However, if your employees deal with stairs or heavier items, they may need something more specialized.

Specialized Hand Trucks for Specialized Tasks

Your employees might also need a more specialized hand truck for their tasks. For example, a heavy duty hand truck can help them move large or heavy items, such as furniture or appliances. This can eliminate the need for a team lift, freeing up an employee to do other work. Another option is the powered stair climbing dolly, which uses a motorized action to climb stairs. It saves your employee energy, making an otherwise strenuous task simple. All they have to do is stay in an ergonomic position as they guide the powered stair climbing dolly up the stairs. A motorized hand truck is perfect for moving large items long distances, such as across a warehouse floor and into a delivery truck.

Find a Brand That Will Help You Customize Your Hand Trucks

Whether you are getting a hand truck, convertible hand truck, or powered stair climbing dolly for your employees, choose a brand that will help you customize your equipment. There are different handle options available for different ergonomics, such as wheels that won’t damage a customer’s floors or carpet. Specialized hand trucks might have additional options, such as a heavy duty hand truck offering side wings for wider loads, a ratchet strap to keep items in place, or a fourth wheel assembly to assist with breaking back loads. Provide the ideal equipment for your employees to help them get work done with maximum efficiency.

About Magline

For 75 years, the Magliner name has served as a byword for excellence in the material handling industry, representing the highest standard of quality and reliability. Like everything with the Magline name, Magliner hand trucks are trusted every day to deliver industry-leading quality and durable reliability. The classic and ultra-customizable traditional Magliner hand truck is a cornerstone of the Magliner collection. Then there are the other incomparable Magliner products, including their hand lift truck series, powered hand truck line, convertible hand truck selection, and the rest of their lineup. Whenever you or your business needs something transported, lifted, or delivered, you can trust Magliner gear to get the toughest jobs done safely and efficiently. Magliner, USA built since 1947.

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