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Furnishing a small room can be a dilemma. It always seems to have too many things to fix and not enough space for them all, doesn’t it?

The watchword when it comes to furnishing a room that is too small is only one: maximum organization . We must try to organize ourselves in order to better manage the space available, down to the last centimeter, in order to make even a small room livable and furnished.

We start from the assumption that to furnish a small room you need to try to have a little imagination , flexibility, and also know how to give up what is really not needed where it can steal space. But today there are many furnishings that can have more functions and that can help us find space even where it seems that there is none.

Furnishing the bedroom

Let’s start with the beds co uk : the real and only space-saving bed, which under it can do the work of a wardrobe, allowing you to hide clothes, changes, sheets, books, and so on and so forth. The space-saving bed lifts up and allows you to insert clothes or, if the depth is greater, even boxes under the mattress. The advice is to buy a space-saving bed deep enough, so that you can basically insert what you could put in a wardrobe: for example, the change of the summer or winter season, duvets, coats, boxes, and everything that does not it serves every day and therefore may not even be at hand.

Drawer bed

The drawer bed , alternatively, is a good solution, but it is certainly less capacious than the one that gets up, and in any case you need space to open the drawers.
There are those who prefer to keep an important wardrobe in the room and opt for the foldaway bed : it depends a bit on individual needs, in short. Another solution is to opt for the wardrobe under the bed: in this case, the beds co uk must be at least 30 cm high from the ground.

However, the perfect solution are tall and narrow wardrobes : here you can hang the clothes you use most often and also use the shelves. Still as far as the shelves are concerned, one solution is to… put them everywhere. That’s right: it is not an impossible mission, in furniture stores there are shelves that are easy to assemble, perhaps made into a cube, to be able to put books and objects both inside and on top.

If you have very little space, for example if you live in the attic, then try to obtain shelves and bedside tables directly in the wall behind the bed: obviously it is not an intervention that you can do alone, you also need a designer.

Many people also use the headboard as a shelf or container. Indeed if there is space why leave it empty? In here there can be many books and objects that are not used very often.

Folding bed

Finally, we cannot fail to mention the vertical folding bed . It is a beds co uk that looks like a wall piece of furniture in appearance, but which in reality is lowered to the need and turns into a practical bed, both double and single or from a square and a half.

In general, if you think you have used all the space available in your room, don’t forget that there are corner furniture too. Corners are spaces in the room that are too often not used and as such are therefore practically wasted . Buy yourself a nice corner cabinet, or even just a bedside table. You will see that the space will magically multiply and that you will have much more space to store for example your books, CDs, notes, and anything that does not find space in the rest of the room.

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