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How to Get a Cochlear Implant in Pakistan

Cochlear Implant Recipients

The number of cochlear implant recipients in Pakistan is increasing, but the process remains difficult and the procedure is still expensive. Dr. Najam’s hearing clinic has been providing hearing implants to poor and deserving individuals since 2008 at affordable prices. The first patients were 85 children, mostly pediatric, who had severe hearing loss. The results were encouraging – 80 percent of children developed speech skills equivalent to those of their peers with normal hearing. The team at Dow University Hospital, the largest rehab center in Pakistan, operated on 37 ear disease patients in December 2019.

The government of Pakistan needs to do more to provide better health care for the deaf population. It has been estimated that two in every thousand children are profoundly deaf. With no sensitivity to sound. While statistics on deafness in Pakistan are limited, the lack of effective treatment has been an obstacle to improving the lives of the most severely deaf people. The International Medical Relief Agency is committed to addressing the problems faced by the deaf community in Pakistan. Its programs have led to the successful implementation of the first multidisciplinary cochlear implantation program in Pakistan.

Cost of Surgery

The cost of cochlear implant surgeries is very high. They can cost several millions of PKR, which is out of the budget of many people. However, there are some NGOs that offer free cochlear implant surgeries in Pakistan. In addition to these organizations, there are also free clinics in the country. These clinics are an important part of the health care system in Pakistan. If you are interested in cochlear implantation in the country, please contact the clinic nearest to you.

The Cochlear Implant Cost in Pakistan is extremely high. The procedure costs between two and three thousand Pakistani rupees. As a result, the poorest citizens of the country must rely on sign language to communicate. But despite the high cost, the good news is that there is now a solution. A cochlear implant in the country can be purchased for as little as PS10,000. The Pakistani government should promote the cochlear industry in the country so that more companies can compete with each other and provide better services.

Cochlear Implant Surgeries

Dr. Najam’s hearing clinic offers cochlear implant surgery in Pakistan, but there are no hospitals in the country that offer it. There are similar programs in major cities in India and the UK, which make it possible for patients to undergo the procedure in their country. In Pakistan, Dr. Najam’s hearing clinic has donated over a thousand cochlear implant surgeries. Moreover, if you cannot afford it, there is Dr. Najam’s hearing clinic that will provide cochlear implant surgery at a suitable price for Pakistani patients.

Dr. Najam provides volunteer cochlear implant surgeries in Pakistan. Dr. Najam’s hearing clinic has been a pioneer in the field, pioneering the procedure in Karachi. It also helps with middle ear surgery and has received a lot of support from Australian donors. The cost of the cochlear implant in Pakistan varies greatly. Depending on the complexity of the operation, the procedure can cost between $12,000 and $14,000.

Hearing-Impaired Individuals

Among the charities that offer cochlear implants in Pakistan, Dr. Najam’s hearing clinic is a registered clinic that provides financial support to hearing-impaired individuals. Unlike many other countries, the country’s government has made the procedure available. For low-income individuals in need of the service. Its efforts in assisting the deaf community are vital for improving its quality of life and enhancing its overall culture.

Currently, the cochlear implant in Pakistan program has been successful in helping over 50 individuals with hearing loss. The program began in Lahore in August 2000 with the assistance of a team from Australia. The country does not have any government funding to support cochlear implants in Pakistan. Of these, 44 were children, and eight were adults.

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