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How to Make Chicken Cutlets from Chicken Breasts

These thin pieces of chicken cook swiftly as well as uniformly, compared to full-sized breasts, as well as are ideal for scorching, breading, as well as frying. We’ll reveal to you just how to turn chicken breasts right into poultry cutlets for fast and also simple cooking.

What Are Hen Cutlets?

 Often, the cutlet is likewise pounded out to make it also thinner so it chefs also quicker and also extra uniformly.

Why go through the problem of cutting chicken breasts into cutlets? Have a look at the chicken breasts in the photo above. You’ll see that they have a thick end and a slim end. The distinction in the thickness means one end will be cooked while the other end is still raw inside. But by making cutlets, you have greater control over just how uniformly the hen will prepare and the far better your dish will certainly turn out.

The trickiest part of the entire process is reducing the breast in half horizontally. To make the task easier, make certain you utilize a sharp blade: this will assist reduce, and not tear, the poultry. Don’t fret if you make a few blunders along the road. Practice makes ideal.

Tip for Success: Try freezing the hen bust for 10 to 15 minutes before preparing, to make slicing easier.

1. Straight Slice


The very first step is to thoroughly slice the bust in the half flat. Remove the hen tender if it’s still affixed (it’s the little piece of chicken freely connected to the underside of the hen bust) as well as position the breast on a cutting board. Hold the bust flat with the hand of your hand, and using your sharp knife, carefully cut through the facility horizontally (parallel to the reducing board). Often it’s required to open up the poultry like a publication as well as make one final cut to divide both halves.

Suggestion for Success: Positioning the hen close to the side of your reducing board makes the slicing simpler.

2. Pound It Out

chicken cutlet under a sheet of plastic wrap as well as battered out with a meat mallet


After you reduce a poultry breast right into cutlets, the next action is to flatten the cutlets to an even thickness. It’s simple and also takes only a minute or 2.

Area the cutlets in between 2 sheets of plastic wrap, or inside a sealable plastic bag. Spread out the plastic tight, so it doesn’t get pounded into the meat and you don’t have unattractive wrinkles.

Using the smooth side of a meat club, a rolling pin, a tiny skillet, or perhaps the hand of your hand, carefully pound the cutlets right into even thickness, concerning 1/4- inch-thick. This enables the hen chef rapidly as well as evenly. Take your time to ensure that you don’t make any type of holes in your cutlets.

Pointer for Success: As opposed to pounding in an up-and-down movement, try utilizing small lateral activities to carefully flatten the poultry. Work from the center out.

3. How to Prepare Poultry Cutlets

This recipe for Straightforward Poultry Parmesan is an example of just how to make use of poultry cutlets in dishes.

Straightforward Chicken Parmesan

No demand to head to the corner Italian restaurant when you’ve got this very easy recipe available. Poultry cutlets are crispy outside, tender on the inside, nestled into pasta noodles, and splashed with an awesomely spicy tomato sauce and lots of cheese. Even fussy eaters won’t have the ability to turn this one down!

. Offer this along with sautéed environment-friendly beans, mashed potatoes, or noodles.

Sandy’s Poultry Saltimbocca

Hen Katsu is a Japanese-style fried chicken. Serve it together with steamed white or wild rice and some marinated cucumbers.


A favorite from Germany, this much healthier oven-friendly variation of Hen Schnitzel utilizes much less oil. Prior to making your schnitzel, work up a batch of spaetzle or German salad.


Hen Marsala is a timeless recipe that’s perfect for an unexpected firm. Hen cutlets are lightly layered and simmered alongside mushrooms in a Marsala white wine sauce. For a creamier sauce, include a splash of heavy cream or half-and-half.

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