How To Make The Pet Water Bottle Blow Mold

Do you know the process of producing a plastic bottle? Today we will talk about one of the two most important equipment for the production of plastic bottles, the blow mold.

The production of pet bottle blow mold,   There are about the following process: Flat design-CNC milling-Drilling-Surface grinding-Hard oxidation-Anodizing-Polishing-Assembly.   After these steps, a blow mold for plastic bottles is produce. So if you need to customize a Industrad Group Machinery blow mold, what steps are require? Next, let’s talk about the general process of customizing a set of molds from Industrad Group Machinery.

First of all, you need to know what kind of blow molding machine you have, be it a semi-automatic blow molding machine, a fully automatic blow molding machine, or a rotary blow molding machine. Please tell us your requirements for custom mold bottles below. If you have the sample bottle, you can send us the sample bottle or the sample bottle design drawing. If you want a new bottle design, please tell us the bottle shape requirement or idea, we can provide you professional and free sample bottle design. After confirming the design of the bottle design, we will send you the design drawing for confirmation, and then after you confirm that the design drawing is not a problem, we will arrange to produce the blow mold of the bottle.

 Industrad Group  Machinery’s bottle blowing mold has the following advantages:

1. Bottle blow molds use three-dimensional CAD / UG software design.

2. The bottle blow molds use fully automatic machining to ensure the precision of the mold.

3. Industrad Group Machinery plastic bottle blow molds have more reasonable mold design, superior finish and longer bottle blow mold life.

4. Equip with a standardize test room, equip with high-precision test equipment.

5. Free bottle design, providing professional guidance combining theory with practice from bottle design.

The above are the advantages of Industrad Group Machinery’s pet bottle blowing mold. To produce a plastic bottle, not only pet bottle blowing mold is need, .  plastic bottle blowing machine and other auxiliary machine are also need. Industrad Group Machinery can provide all of that. Our bottle blowing machine has 2 types, one is semi-automatic, low consumption and high performance bottle blowing machine. Another is the automatic bottle blowing machine, which uses the high speed servo motor and system. This two-type bottle blowing machine has a different model, it can meet different customer needs.

we are also Providing This Type machine PET blowing compressor ,you can also contact or visit our site.

pet bottle blowing mold Function

The pet bottle blowing mold we can make 1 to 12 cavities, . we can make the semi-automatic plastic bottle blowing machine bottle mold, . the automatic plastic bottle blowing machine bottle blowing mold , . the rotary plastic bottle blowing machine mold Industrad Group Machinery’s . pet bottle blowing mold can be customize according to customer requirements.  
 Industrad Group Machinery Co., Ltd. is the plastic bottle blowing equipment manufacturer in China, . with nearly 20 years of manufacturing experience. Our hot sale products have semi-automatic bottle blowing machine, . fully automatic bottle blowing machine, . 1-12 cavities plastic bottle blowing mold, 1-144 cavities preform mold. 
And we can provide everything from preform design, bottle blowing to bottle package. Free professional bottle design, installation video, lifetime technical service support, . professional pre-sale and after-sale team, customers can contact any . bottle blowing problem at any time to ensure product quality and after-sales service. 

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