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How to Protect Your Furniture During a Move?

How to Protect Your Furniture During a Move? Everyone has asked this question at some point when moving.  If we have hired an experienced moving company, the next question to ask is how they will transport them to the van or truck without any friction or damage, taking into consideration their weight.

This post will help you understand the many questions that may arise. Also, you should know Where to Rent a Moving Truck? We have to say that it is essential to know the protective items that you will use to protect your furniture when moving.

These could be blankets, clothing, or fabrics that will cushion the furniture we have taken apart or foam padding which will be placed between the components. One thing is certain.

The specialists will handle it. They will place everything that can be packed in boxes. This is because it moves faster, goes downstairs and up elevators, and gets into the van more easily.


What materials should you use to protect furniture during a move?

It is important to ensure that the furniture does not break on any corners or sides, scratch, or suffer any other damage. These are the steps to follow:

  • Clear out all furniture. To make it easier to transport, lift and move the furniture, remove any items from its interior.
  • Place the objects inside according to their type or class and pack them
  • Clean the furniture: To avoid bacteria, mold, and dirt that have accumulated over time
  • Take apart the furniture
  • Removable parts
  • Refer to the assembly- and disassembly instructions for every piece of furniture in either the manual or the internet.
  • Keep screws and small pieces of furniture in transparent bags that stick to the furniture so that you know they are there
  • Pack Large disassembled pieces inboxes. Mark them with the name so you can find them easily and identify where they are.
  • Take photos of the disassembly process with a smartphone


What materials should you use to protect furniture during a move?

  • Cardboard Basic: The cardboard boxes are used to store the pieces of furniture that can be removed, such as screws and instructions manuals. It is better to use reinforced cardboard boxes as they are lighter. Vertical wardrobe boxes, which are designed to hold clothes, are extremely useful. They can be placed inside the wardrobe and do not need to be folded or unfolded to reach their destination.
  • Bubble wrap When fragile objects are susceptible to breaking due to the inherent movement of transport, it is a good idea to wrap them with bubble wrap to protect them.
  • Plastic wrapping: With it, dust, dirt, and scratches can be removed from the various furniture parts. You can buy both bubble wrap or plastic at Amazon, and other similar sites.
  • Duct tape. You should have a cutter, or dispenser so that you don’t have to cut every strip of tape with scissors, or worse, with your teeth. You can use packing tape with the word fragile printed on it to mark fragile items inboxes.
  • Sofa cover and mattress Cover: to protect objects like sofas, couches, and armchairs from getting damaged or hitting them.

How do movers use tools to pack and move the furniture?

  • Adjustable wrench You will need to unscrew all the bolts and nuts of the furniture
  • Hammer To fix or break apart
  • Scissors It’s good to have them because they can cut any length of electrical tape, rope, paper, or packing tape
  • Metro You will need to measure your furniture and determine if it can be moved in a moving truck, in our new home, in the van, or moving vans, through the elevator, or down the stairwell.
  • Cutter Use it with enough skill to not damage any contents of a box when you open it. It can also be used to cut any item or pieces of packaging tape quickly and easily.


Protectors are required for cabinets, bookcases, and dressers. To prevent scratches, furniture can be wrapped with blankets or other fabric. To prevent drawers from falling and breaking other parts, or from being broken when dropped, tape them shut.

After disassembling the wardrobes, the wardrobe box that we have previously discussed will be used. You must remember how it was disassembled. This can be done by taking photos or videos with your mobile phone. the plastic wrap will protect your chairs, sofas, and other furniture from dirt and dust.

It will protect them against scratches, tears, and stains. You will need to remove the cushions and pillows and store them separately. We will also remove the wheels from any armchairs or sofas that have legs.

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