How To Start Renting Suzuki Wagon r Price in Pakistan?

It was August 22, 2019.  Suzuki Wagon r price in Pakistan Company called me, that my car Suzuki Wagon R was ready for delivery. I was excited and thrilled. I immediately called my wife Jean.” Honey, our car is ready” Really George, I am happy to hear that”.” Let’s go to a party tonight”. She was happy and said yes. I headed for a showroom. I was welcomed warmly by the staff. They offered me a cup of coffee. I got my favorite color blue car. Jean accompanied me; Although we both made the final payment and sat in the car. I opened the door for her. I waited for her to sit down. We drove to a nearby restaurant.

Let’s Celebrate Together

Jean and I  ate dinner, and celebrated with glasses of beer.” Cheers”. We shook the glasses with each other. We enjoyed that evening together. Some people were singing romantic numbers, in the background.

I used to drop Jean to and back to the office. We used to chat about our daily routines. One day we went to the nearby garden, just for spending time together.” George I want to discuss an important matter with you tonight”. “I am hearing, honey”, go on”. “George, please take the bite of a cheese sandwich”. “I won’t live longer, George.” She said with tears in her eyes.” “Are you serious Jean?” “Yes George”. “The doctors have told me that I will not survive, as it is in the last stage”. I was shocked to take notice of that news.

Those four weeks were the most difficult days in my life. I didn’t know what to do. My beloved was slipping from my hand. I was terrified to see, the pain, she underwent for chemotherapy. But I couldn’t do anything to help her.

Whenever I used to visit her, she used to look at me, and smile. I used to burst into tears. She used to say,” George, don’t worry. She told me that, her treatment will go well. But I said that It will be difficult for me to live without her. I kissed her hand. She hugged me.

Loss of Lifetime

One day, I was at the office. She called me, “George, my love.” Yes, sweetheart”, I replied. “Come fast”.” OK”. I rushed to the lift and went into the basement for the parking floor. The life was stopping, every other stop. I was upset. I used to see, every person, who entered, with anger. The lift reached the basement parking floor. I rushed, to my car. All the people in the lift were amazed at my attitude.

I came out of parking, in a hurry, drove my car, to the hospital. I parked the car, and rushed to her room, on the 15th floor. When I was about to enter, the doctor was there, he was sad, and the nurse was putting the white cover, on her head.” “I love you, Jean”. But there was no answer. She was dead.

Period of Sorrow

I burst into tears. The doctors and the staff were consoling me. All our friends turned up for her funeral. I was crying, and I was talking to everyone, about the times, we spent together.

I lost my job, as well. It was meaningless to live further. My friends and Jean’s friends used to come over and used to encourage me to get on with life. But I wasn’t ready.

They used to come to my home, as see me in the darkroom. They used to switch on the light and give me dinner to eat. But I used to refuse. With time started, to sink in. Banks, and other institutions, called me one fine morning.” Am I talking to Mr. George”? “I said “yes Mr. George. Your credit cards bills are overdue for the month, now.” “We are afraid, if you didn’t pay, your card will be blocked”.  I got shocked and tried to borrow money from friends, but no one was ready to lend me a helping hand.

  A restart of a Career

I filled my online profile and applied for many jobs. That fits my qualifications and experience. I was getting calls, but due to a gap in my career, many companies were reluctant to hire me.

I got a WhatsApp message from John I met him in star bucks, near his house. “George, I have got a good offer for you.” “Just hear it well, and understand it, my friend, Jack is running a sightseeing company, in New York, why don’t you give your Suzuki Wagon r price in Pakistan to him, on contract.”

Don’t Let Failure Disappoint me

I was happy that John told me about an idea. I told him to share my no. with his friend. He just shared his office location. I was eager to work with him. I told him, that I will come in the afternoon, at 230 pm. He nodded.

I took the time and did some research on it. There was useful information, about the contracts. I read everything in detail. Then I took the metro, to his office. I reached there within one hour. His office was on the 20th floor.  Her secretary Jenny welcomed me and guided me to the meeting room.

We had lunch together. It was a useful discussion. We signed the deal. I was happy and informed John about it. He congratulated me. I thanked him, for this.

Happy Ending

I used to get payments, on monthly basis. Thank God, my debt was rescheduled, after a lengthy discussion, with the bank. Jack closed more cooperate deals, and my earnings started to increase.

I was able to pay, my utility bills. My new girlfriend, Jenny, and I  spent my last Christmas, was in Paris.  We drove Suzuki Wagon r price in Pakistan. I had a new and prosperous chapter added to my life.


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