How To Take A Chill Pill Before The Test?

How To Take A Chill Pill Before The Test?

Many students mess up their exams due to their stress. During the exam season parents alongside their kids take too much stress. They’re often worried about how well their kids are going to perform in exams. But it never works that way, the more you put yourself under stress the more students will feel under pressure.


Some kind of pressure can motivate you to push yourself to work harder and that motivation drives you to perform better and get good grades. Stress can be under the limit because a student may end up performing poorly and they start cheating and lying.


In this article, I’ll be sharing some proven scientific tips that can help you overcome that exam stress.


So take a chill pill and I guarantee you that by following these tips, you’ll be more relaxed, calmer, and can become a successful student.


1)Find Out Why You Are Stressed

The major step in helping the children who are under stress is to identify the reasons for stress. You should start noticing yourself or if you are a parent start noticing your child’s behavior, eating habits, sleeping schedule.


Oftentimes, when the exam is near, children are in so much hurry and they start missing their lunch, they are sleep deprived and during those times they need the most attention.

Many students feel headaches, stomachache and they feel irritated, sometimes they even feel isolated themselves. If you as a parent notice these signs in your kids, sit with them and tell them that exams are not everything.


There is no point in being stressed over exams that much. Ask your children to chill and relax. Just teach them it’s a part of the learning process.


2)Don’t Indulge Yourself In Multi-Tasking

Many students make the mistake of involving themselves in multitasking at the same time. It’s harmful to heart rate and blood pressure.


Doing different things at the same time feels like you’re covering up quickly. But it never ends well. On many occasions, students start focusing on many subjects at the same time.


My advice for students is to remain focused on one thing at a time otherwise you’ll end up forgetting the other things too.


For example, if you are under pressure during exams because of your assignments. You can contact Best Essay Help to relieve your stress.

3)Ask Your Children To Meditate and Exercise

Regular exercise can keep you fresh. Breathing the fresh air every day can make the mind breathe again. It can boost the energy levels of the students and also the stress is relieved. If you are a student, I advise you to exercise 30 minutes daily.

Go for a walk or hit the gym to stretch your muscles. Good 30 minutes daily have an impact on your whole day. Some students can relieve their stress by going for a swim, dance and playing video games. It can calm you down as a student.


You can also learn some breathing exercises from YouTube. These are very handy when it comes to practicing just before or even during the examination.


4)Make a list of the things that are bothering you

Writing down things has always been helpful and many professionals recommend this technique to note down all the things that are bothering you. As a student, you can write down the kind of stress that is making you feel anxious.


You can write about your fears before and it can help you get better grades. Give it a try! This is a very helpful technique that sometimes mental health professionals recommend as well.


4)Take care of your diet

A healthy balanced diet is very crucial for a student’s health and will help you feel better during the exam season. For parents, you should always encourage your kids to eat nutritious snacks and make them take part in choosing which meals to consume.

Take high-protein, high mineral, and high vitamin food and it can make your immunity system strong during the exam season. Always consume fresh vegetables, fruits on regular basis.

5)Listen To Positive Affirmations

You can listen to positive affirmations. This is a wonderful practice that will help you calm and you’ll start believing in yourself more. By choosing to listen to positive affirmations, you can say goodbye to exam stress.


In many studies, we have found that listening to positive affirmations makes your self-esteem boost and keeps your adrenaline level lower.


You can listen to these positive affirmations whenever you feel that your stress level is rising. Say them out loud, several times a day:

  • I’m sharpening my focus.
  • I’m still putting in a lot of effort.
  • Exams are becoming easier for me.
  • I’m enjoying the learning process.
  • I’m determined to do well on this exam.
  • This exam will be a breeze for me.
  • Learning is both meaningful and enjoyable.
  • I’m learning to be self-disciplined.
  • Exams provide me with a lot of enjoyment.


6)Communication is the most important feature

Children need to speak their heart out to someone about their thoughts, feelings, and the pressure they’re feeling. As a parent, it’s your role to sit down with your children and let them say their concerns to you.


If your children feel stressed due to exams, encourage them to speak to you or their instructor, or some close friends whenever they’re feeling low.


Ask them to reach out to the school staff that they feel easier to talk to, and if you see your child struggling, you can assist them in speaking with the instructors and including them as well.


7)Being Gentle With Yourself

When you’re only thinking about the possibility of failing your exam, it’s obvious that you’re going to feel worried.


Don’t be too hard on yourself, otherwise, stress will eat you out. So take a chill pill and rest. It’s about time that you should put yourself at the priority.


According to the studies, being self-compassionate will lower your levels of stress and can improve your overall well-being.

Self-compassion can be practiced in the following ways:


  • Write down three of your accomplishments after each day. It makes no difference how big or small these accomplishments are, such as finishing a math assignment or reading a chapter of a history textbook. What important is that you recognize your accomplishments.
  • Kindly converse with yourself. As though you were your own best friend, speak to yourself.
  • Every day, do something enjoyable. It is not necessary to be solemn all of the time.
  • Set attainable objectives. Don’t set yourself up for failure by aiming for unattainable goals.



Parents need to be there for their kids and check up on them on regular basis. Every day, make sure that you are spending quality time with your kids. It’s your responsibility to stop putting unrealistic expectations on your children; instead, you should appreciate your children and keep yourself away from criticizing them.


Encourage children to talk about their exams with you after each one, emphasizing the portions that went well rather than the issues they encountered.










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