How to take lecture notes so you can remember it well

The tradition of writing lectures is still alive in universities. Students are often unhappy with this, but it turns out that taking notes under the teacher’s speech is useful for memorizing the material. The main thing is to do it quickly, clearly and accurately, so that later you can restore all the material in memory.

How to increase the recording tempo

If you memorize the material well, and your problem is low writing speed, you can easily solve it. Unfortunately, artificially increasing the speed usually leads to a deterioration in handwriting – so much so that nothing can be read. So, you need to go the other way.

Abbreviations of common words

These can be terms from a subject or just common words (future, therefore, function and so on). You can shorten it in several ways:

  • Abbreviation : RF – Russian Federation;
  • Skipping the middle of the word : state – state;
  • Mathematical sign:  – hence;
  • Underline and stroke : wavy underline (as in the definition in Russian lessons at school) from the abbreviation lang. can make an adjective linguistic;
  • Translation into another language, in which the word is shorter : event – event.

You can come up with your own designations for the most common words in texts. In this case, it will not be superfluous to write them out on a separate sheet so that at first they are less confused.

Reducing the number of characters

This way of taking notes will first take a lot of concentration to get used to. Then you can easily write and read your own texts. True, classmates are unlikely to be able to make out them if they need your lectures.

  • Vowel skipping : in most cases (unless we are talking about unfamiliar terms), this does not impair understanding of words;
  • Replacing complex parts of words with a symbol : for example, -nost, -nie, -ic.

You can gradually introduce all these methods (and the omission of letters, and abbreviations with symbols, and translation) into the letter: then the outline will look quite frightening for an unprepared person, but the speed of writing it will increase significantly.

Key thoughts

It makes no sense to write a complex sentence in full. Skipping introductory words, metaphors, unnecessary enumerations will reduce the amount of writing and free up time for writing. This is especially true of the humanities: history, psychology, pedagogy – where information is presented not in short formulas and terms, but in detailed sentences.

Schemes and tables

The listing of subsections, classification, parts of terms – all this can be written not in one large paragraph, but in a diagram with indicated links. This will not only shorten the writing time, but also improve the perception of information.

In order not to be unfounded: using these methods, the first paragraph of an article may look like this:

At the univ. – letter. lectures. Standards to writebut this is how is remembered. If the entries are fast / right / clear ⇒, you can recall the info.

The phrase is three times smaller than the original, but is easily understood by someone who has read a full paragraph once.

How to change the design

It is not so bad to have time to record a lecture. The most difficult thing is then to restore and memorize the material using it. Ideally, if you memorize the text right while writing: for this you have to tinker a little with the design.

Different colours

Pens with different refills, pencils, markers and highlighters will do. If you immediately highlight terms, definitions, headings, list items in different shades while writing, then you will kill two birds with one stone:

  • the lecture will be structured and easy to read and find the information you need,
  • due to the increased attention to changing tools, you will better remember the words that are highlighted in the new color.

Fonts and underlines

They have the same goal: to highlight important sections of the text. If your sense of beauty prohibits coloring your lecture book, you can use font change, underline and outline. You just have to try to do it carefully so as not to dissolve dirt on the page, otherwise all the characters will merge into a single whole.

Drawings and marginal notes

  • If you have time to draw something simple during the lecture, then due to concentration, you will remember the material better;
  • Small thematic pictures will help you navigate the finished text.
  • You will reinforce associations between subject matter and completely out-of-scope imagery, which can help you prepare for the exam.

And in the margins, you can mark the importance of the points with signs or short words: what you need to remember, what they will ask for in the test, what they told you just for illustration.

Cornell method

There are many different ways of taking notes, but Cornell’s is the most famous. For him, we divide the sheet into three parts (the lower quarter of the sheet is separated, and the upper three quarters are divided into two columns).

In the upper right part, a concise summary is kept, in the upper left part, the main theses or questions are written, and in the lower part, a short conclusion from the entire lecture.

This will both speed up the writing of the material and help remember the lecture when rereading the theses and conclusions.

Where is the best place to take notes – on the phone or in a notebook?

Numerous studies agree that handwritten lecture notes are much more useful. The student has to ponder over the material in order to write down only the most important things.

Immediately format the text correctly and correctly shorten phrases. All this contributes to the simultaneous assimilation of the material.

So you will repeat the material, and you will be able to design the text beautifully.

Thanks to which you will better remember it. It will be ideal if you need to show the teacher a notebook in order to hand over the subject:.

We promise that he will be delighted with the neat and beautifully designed lectures. If you are allowed to use your own notes on tests and then good grades are in your pocket.

However, texts from abbreviations, pictures and symbols will help in preparation if you write them down with an understanding of the subject.

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