How To Upload Animated GIFs To Instagram [2021]

Instagram is a massive platform that is used to share visual content and generate engagement with people around the world. People use this social media platform to make their online presence better in the digital world. If you want to generate an online presence and want that people know then this social media platform is effective in that case. That’s why billion of users use these platforms from different places in this huge world. Most people use to buy Instagram followers UK to show their visibility on IG and it also helps to attract more followers.
If you want to catch an audience on IG then you have to share content that is more engaging and attractive. People who shared quality content as well as unique it help out to interact with more people and their number of followers increases. Posting the same content related to a niche can end up with the uniqueness of content. So you must have to use something in your content that can kill the anxiety of people and make them happy. For that purpose, you can especially use GIFs that can work for you. GIFs are entertaining and joyful for users and more people are attracted to them.

Why GIFs?

Instagram GIFs are the easiest way to grab the attention of people by sharing entertaining and funny content. Funny and entertaining GIFs grab more attention, even though businesses use to share GIFs to make their followers or people stick with their account. GIFs are a continuous loop of images and it much popular to use on almost all social media platforms. GIFs can be used to create a funny reaction about something, or to share some news entertainingly, or to express something using specific Gifs.

How to Post GIFs on IG?

Like other social media platforms, you can also post GIFs on Instagram and easily attract your audience. But for these purposes, users must have to use a third-party app named GIPHY.
The following step you have to follow to share GIFs on Instagram:

  • Download the GIPHY APP from Play store or Your Internet browser from a trusted website
  • To upload GIFS on Instagram you must have to download the app GIPHY and sign up on it by using FACEBOOK.
  •    Find out attractive GIFs that are related to your requirements
  • Tap share button
  • Choose the Instagram logo from the list and click on it
  • Now finally Select Feed posts or for Instagram Stories

As it is quite simple but for your easiness, we are going to discuss these points in detail:

Download GIPHY APP

At the very first the thing you have to do is to download a GIPHY app for your device. This app is available for almost all kinds of devices. Some of the popular devices like Android, iOS, or Desktop. You can download this app according to your need. But we recommend you download it for mobile. Because it works more efficiently on mobile instead of desktop. Instagram doesn’t allow yet posting content when you are using IG on Desktop. So downloading it on android devices can allow you to directly post on IG or to upload it on IG stories.

Sign UP or Login With Facebook

After downloading this useful application to create and share GIFS, now you have to create an account on it. In this case, we recommend you create an account using your FACEBOOK account. By using a Facebook account or connecting a Facebook account with GIPHY allow you to share GIFS on Facebook and Instagram in an easy way.
If you don’t want to connect your FACEBOOK account with the GIPHY app, then you can also use your email account to create an account on it.

Search out for GIFs that you want to Share

When you have done creating an account and after logging in you will see an interface of the GIPHY home page. On the home page of GIPHY, you can see numbers of GIFs are present on it and you can search according to your requirements. You can scroll the page to check and see more GIFs or can use the search bar to find out specific GIFs. The numbers of GIFs are stored in the database of this app. You can find for what you joined this app.

  • Tap Share Button

After finding a GIF you can simply share it to the Instagram app by clicking on the Share button. When you click on Share you can see a list of a number of apps.

  • Tap a Logo of Instagram

After clicking on sharing button and coming to the interface you view a number of applications. Click on the Instagram logo from that list.

  • Choose Stories and Posts

After clicking on the Instagram logo you will see an interface. In that interface you can choose where you want to share GIFs. You can choose Instagram Posts if you want to share them on your feeds. On the other hand, you can choose stories if you want that this gif appears on your IG stories.
If you want to grow on Instagram then must Buy cheep Instagram followers UK and share entertaining and attractive content that can help out to engage with more audience. For this purpose, GIFs can be used that are effective.

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