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How Yoga Keeps Our Heart Great?

Yoga contains many postures or positions connected by a sequence and ends with relaxation or meditation. The primary purpose behind doing yoga is to bring unity between spirit, mind and body. Originated in India, yoga is now famous throughout the world.

Health benefits of yoga

Yoga offers benefits in both physical and mental health for people of various ages. It has become a big part of the human life of humans going through an illness, recovering from surgery, or other conditions. Yoga therapists often work with patients and provide a unique plan that works well with their medicines and surgeries. Yoga School in Rishikesh is a great place to learn yoga.

The benefits include:

  • Yoga helps in improving the strength and balance of an individual. In addition to this, various postures help to increase the flexibility of an individual.
  • Yoga also helps to reduce various diseases like heart diseases, cancer, and inflammatory diseases.
  • Doing yoga keeps the mind relaxed. It also increases the sleep quality of an individual.
  • It also relieves chronic back pain and neck pains.
  • Participating in yoga classes can lead to connecting with people. Thus, it eases the loneliness of a person.
  • It also helps to ease the symptoms that lead to arthritis
  • Practicing yoga helps reduce the stress and anxiety of a person. In addition, it decreases the symptoms of depression.
  • Practicing yoga gives one self-confidence and promotes self-care.

The recovery process of heart patients

Heart patients enjoy the benefits of yoga to a great deal. All kinds of physical activities reduce the level of blood sugar; however, yoga, in particular, recovers cardiac diseases to a great extent. According to some studies, those who participate in yoga exercises regularly improve cardiac problems by improving blood flow and lowering cholesterol levels.

  • Consulting a physician

It’s important to talk to a physician before starting yoga exercises. Getting a proper plan from a doctor will yield better results.

  • Not attempt certain poses

Not every pose is suitable for patients with heart problems. Some poses are good to avoid, as suggested by physicians for heart patients.

  • Recovery

Allowing recovery time is vital for patients suffering from cardiac events. However, it’s better to build slowly than to push yourself.

  • Relaxation

Holding a few relaxing poses is suitable for heat recovery. For example, taking deep breaths while lying on your back, is an excellent relaxing pose for these patients.  It’s exciting to see how these exercises make one strong and healthy.

  • Pains

While performing yoga, if you find a pain point, then it’s better to let your physician know. The pains may disrupt the recovery.

Poses that improves heart health

Exercises pumping the heart rate are not the only possible way to improve heart health; managing stress is also crucial for having a healthy heart. A significant benefit of yoga for heart health is its ability to keep your mind and body relaxed. 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh treats heart health very well and teaches certain poses that work effectively.

  • Standing forward bend

This pose helps improve flexibility and relieves pain. In addition, it gives a stretching effect to the spine, hamstrings, shoulders and even groin.

  • Child’s pose

A child’s pose relaxes the mind and reduces stress. It also stretches the hips and thighs of the body. It is an excellent pose for relieving back pain.

  • Bridge pose

It is an excellent therapy for people suffering from high blood pressure. The bridge pose also stretches the spine and chest. In addition, it also relieves pain in the spine and chest areas.

  • Chair pose

It stimulates the diaphragm and heart. It also helps engage the leg and arm muscles.

  • Corpse pose

It is a breathing exercise that relieves stress. In addition, it calms and relaxes the mind to a great extent.

  • Head to knee pose

It is a great breathing and stretching exercise. This pose helps stretch the shoulders, hamstrings, and spine. It also helps relieve anxiety and fatigue.

  • Extended triangle pose

It is also a breathing pose in combination with stretching exercises. This pose stretches the chest, torso, and logs and provides strength to these areas of the body.

  • Legs up the wall

This pose improves the blood flow towards the heart and provides a calming and relaxing experience. Therefore, it is beneficial when it comes to improving the sleep quality of an individual.

How do yoga exercises exactly improve heart health?

Triangle Pose
Triangle Pose

Yoga has been popular worldwide for thousands of years. Hence let’s see some of the ways how yoga can help your heart.

  • Stress reduction

Various breathing-based poses in yoga focus on inhaling and exhaling and meditation and relaxation. Taking yoga class regularly reduces the feelings of anxiety and stress to a great extent.

  • Sleep

The breathing and relaxation techniques will lead to good sleep quality. Good sleep will reduce the risks of various heart diseases.

  • Reduces risk of heart diseases

Factors like high cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and high sugar levels in the blood can lead to heart diseases. Like other exercises, yoga can also improve the cholesterol level and sugar level in the blood by improving the overall metabolism. In addition, it also lowers blood pressure by relaxing arteries.

  • Burns calories

A lot of yoga poses will increase the heart rate and burn calories in your body. Lower calories will lead to a lower cause of heart diseases.

Bottom line

Yoga is beneficial to our body in various ways. Heart diseases are common among people due to busy schedules. Nowadays, various platforms are available, like a 300 hour online yoga teacher training course or offline. People can choose to learn yoga from any of the platforms according to their needs.

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