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Impact of Dental Implants on Career Performance for Athletes

This blog post will explore how the best dentist in Tijuana can improve your physical well-being and help you pursue your dreams. Maybe you want to be a professional athlete or play a sport that requires physical endurance. Whatever your reason, dental implants can improve your life and allow you to achieve success in sports.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a titanium screw that replaces the root of an extracted tooth. The implant acts as a support for replacement crowns, bridges, or dentures.

The best dentist in Tijuana is changing lives by restoring function, improving quality of life, and boosting careers. With more than 350 million people worldwide missing teeth, we’re all at risk for declining oral health. Which can lead to chronic pain, debilitating diseases such as heart disease or diabetes, and even death.

Today’s dental implants are incredibly secure, but they weren’t always so stellar. In fact, for the first 14 years of dental implants’ existence. None could successfully hold a tooth replacement in one’s mouth until a new generation emerged that could support crowns and bridges. Now with two generations of implant technology under our belts – active and passive – we have successfully restored thousands of people’s quality of life.

Why is dental care necessary?

Dental implants have been linked to better overall health and increased quality of life. In a recent study, dental patients who received implants had an average of two teeth less per person than those who did not receive them.

They also had better general well-being, more social activities and were less likely to put off other medical procedures because of poor health. It is not to mention the countless hours saved from not worrying about loose or missing teeth during conversation or while performing activities.

In addition, dental implants have to support one’s career by allowing them to do. What they love without any fear of embarrassment due to a lack of a smile. For example, athletes who need to speak to coaches and team members throughout practices and competitions can share their excitement without hiding their smiles.

How do Dental implants impact career performance for athletes?

Athletes are also often impacted by dental implants, particularly those who are unable to wear a mouthguard. Many athletes experience jaw injuries that they can prevent with proper protection.

For example, take Slovenian footballer Robert Koren. He immediately implants surgery after fracturing his jaw during the 2012 Euros. He reduced his recovery time significantly, and he was back on the soccer field just weeks later.

Dental implants can also restore your ability to eat and taste, which is especially helpful for determining whether or not you are fit enough to play. Recovery time after a workout is shortened by about 50%, so you don’t have to worry about losing your spot in the starting lineup.

And you don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from implants. About 10 percent of your tooth’s roots are below the gum line. So any implant placement would unavoidably replace at least some of these roots. It helps keep your teeth lifelike.

Implants are also suitable for people who grind their teeth as they help prevent breakage and fractures. Equally important to your well-being, studies have shown that implants increase bone density by approximately 10 percent. Which can help prevent a myriad of diseases such as osteoporosis.


The best dentist in Tijuana is an excellent option for athletes who want to improve their performance. However, there is a chance that the implant may not work well as an athlete’s natural teeth and gum line. If you’re looking at implants, make sure they can withstand your high level of physical activity!

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