A perfect battery is needed to make your car long lasting otherwise its just apiece of metal, even to the most luxurious car or the most modern modifications in your car. To start the engine a car battery is needed. Car battery service is as necessary as other services. Battery replacement can be needed as the battery’s life get shortened. For a smooth running car, a battery should also last long. A battery need service in every 2-3 years moreover depending on the condition, for a long lasting life. An automobile battery is also called a wet cell battery, with six cells. 

When Car Battery Replacement Is Necessary?

  1. Headlights get dimmer than usual.
  2. Notice unusual power fluctuations.
  3. The engine is taking longer to get started than usual.
  4. Require frequent jump starts.
  5. You need to press on the gas pedal to start.

What services does the battery require?

  1. Inspecting the battery.
  2. Checking the battery cables and terminals.
  3. Cleaning the battery service and terminals.
  4. Performing an open circuit voltage and load test.
  5. Handle battery terminal from preventing corrosion.
  6. Battery replacement.

How to keep your battery healthy?

  1. Drive your car often.
  2. Maintain your battery
  3. Keep it running.
  4. Check the expiration date.
  5. Spot battery problems before it makes a big problem.
  6. Turn off and disconnect electronics.

How to avoid a flat car battery?

  1. Use a battery conditioner or charger.
  2. Avoid turning your car on and off again and again.
  3. Avoid short journeys or at least drive for more than 20 minutes.
  4. Unplug unnecessary accessories.
  5. Make sure you put in the right battery meeting all the specifications after a replacement. 

*If you got a flat car battery then either jump start your car or take expert/ professional assistance. It is difficult to start a battery in one go, as new batteries are half charged.*

The 3 major car battery designs are:-

  1. Both hybrid or electric car commonly used as a lithium ion battery.
  2. VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) battery:- It is a low maintenance, sealed battery.
  3. Flooded battery:- It requires regular topping up with distilled water and it is also known as  wet cell battery. 

What services do the best mechanics provide for battery repair?

  1. Mechanics check on the car battery suspected of delivering less performance and then provide the needed service.
  2. Mechanics go through every possible step of a repair before recommending any car battery replacement.
  3. Few mechanics have the most modern and ultrasensitive equipment to determine the car-worthiness of the present battery.
  4. Few mechanics sell branded batteries with proven performance and provide an extended warranty for them.

Car batteries must be moisture free and dirt free, as they may lead to breakdown or lessen its life. Car batteries need a specific level of water to perform normally even when it is low or standard maintenance. A regular service is necessary as batteries can affect the fuel delivery system, EFI systems and other components. Car Mechanic Perth has a team of battery technicians who are always ready to provide battery-related services to their clients. Their experienced and best car mechanics can detect the core problems in your batteries and provide the necessary workaround.




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