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Importance of Conflict Management at an Advertising Agency


When individuals from different backgrounds come together to work as a team, it is not unusual to have conflicts. These conflicts can be related to the style of working, division of tasks, and so on. And it is important that the team lead is aware of these conflicts and has the ability to resolve them in time. For an advertising agency to provide good advertising and marketing services, it is important that the whole team is on board.

Conflict, Conflict

Each day brings up new challenges in a creative agency and that is what makes the work interesting and fun. But too many challenges, especially within the team members. Can become the cause of concern for the higher management because that might cause problems for the valuable clients. So, if an issue arises, due to any personal or professional reason, it needs to be addressed immediately before it gets out of hand.

Role of Management

Management plays a great role in situations like this, and good management can resolve the issue in a blink of an eye but those who thrive on politics can make it worse by delaying it or by playing favorites. And that is the worst thing anyone could do. It can be the death of a very bright team because once they realize that no matter how well they perform, someone else would be preferred over them, they start to lose interest in the company and the whole team collapses eventually.

Politics is a Plague

So, it is important that any kind of politics be strictly avoided at the workplace and everyone is judged purely on the basis of the quality and quantity of their work at the office. It is very important to appreciate each and every individual for their effort and achievements. Not only does this boost morale but also encourages others to perform better. And this practice ensures honest and sincere hard work which would be impossible if the employers are unfair and play favorites within the team.

Role of the Team Lead

A good team leader knows when to call intervention and when to let the team resolve its own issues. Because not every problem requires the attention of the upper management. And if they start to get involved in every issue. Their authority might start becoming weaker with the passage of time and the team might start to engage in even more conflict. So, it is important to maintain a good working relationship in the office where everyone knows how to behave professionally. And also how to fix something within the team if an issue arises.

Group Discussions

Group discussions are a great way to get the team to know each other and respect each other’s ideas. This way they get to interact and might know if someone is facing any issues at work. Or any trouble at home or in their personal life. This develops a sense of respect and empathy amongst them and they might understand the situation of someone. If they are lacking in any area instead of just getting angry or resentful towards them.

A Well-knit Team Goes a Long Way

All of these small activities are important to knit the team together in a good bond. Where everyone trusts the other and understands the challenges they face on a daily basis. And such bonds also develop a sense of respect amongst them which leads them towards a great work relationship. That would benefit the clients and the company eventually. And it is a great quality for any advertising agency to have: a well-knit team that can work together in any circumstance.


Advertising and marketing is a field of great potential. Always has been and now with the rise of social media and digital marketing. Things are starting to change for the better. With this transition, a good team understands the needs of the clients. And the requirements of the market are very important and it can only be achieved if everyone is sincere with their job. And does the best every day. In a creative agency, it is common to have problems on a daily basis, but how fast these problems are resolved is very important, it determines the success of the team. 

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