Important Points to Consider When Purchasing Wedding Cakes

Custom wedding cakes or anniversary cake have been remembered for years by guests. And this is because they were made from scratch with high quality, fresh ingredients and decorated by a talented cake designer. A bride’s first opportunity to buy a custom cake is usually when she order online cake or for her wedding. The following pointers will make the process go more smoothly.

Ordering Wedding Cakes: A Step-by-Step Guide

Avoid disappointment:

Start arranging your event and cake design as soon as possible to minimise disappointment. To gain ideas for cake designs and decorations, look through publications, books, and websites. Collect information on local cake bakers. Although you have a lot of work ahead of you, these pointers will help you stay on track.

Plan ahead of time:

Plan ahead of time for all aspects of the wedding. Custom stores and wedding venues frequently require six to twelve months’ notice. If you’re planning a wedding during peak season, you may need 12 months’ notice from when you place your online cake order to the day of your event. There are numerous decisions to be taken before the order is finished.

Select a cake design that complements your wedding plans:

The style of your wedding cake is linked to the rest of the details of your big day. What is the nature of your wedding? What is the expected attendance? Is the gathering going to be held outside or indoors? Will the attire, decor, and general tone be modern, formal, casual, or traditional? Color, fabric, theme, and motif examples should all be collected. All of this knowledge will come in handy when talking to the bakery.

Wedding cake decorations

Some brides opt for wedding cake decorations that are themed, such as a honeymoon destination. A palm tree or mountain, for example, could be incorporated into the wedding cake topper to represent the honeymoon location.

A vintage theme, such as Art Deco, a musical theme, rock and Roll, Hawaii motifs, or even a Halloween theme are all possibilities.

Others want whimsical, amusing elements, while others aim for aesthetic elegance and beauty. Others select wedding cake toppers and other decorations that reflect the couple’s common interests. Both the bride and groom frequently want to be engaged in the cake selection process and other crucial wedding preparations.

How to Serve a Big Group on a Shoestring:

There are practical aspects to consider in addition to style. Single-tier wedding cakes are sufficient for modest events. A modest three-tier cake with one or more non-tiered cakes is a simple alternative to a large multi-tier cake for larger weddings. The individual cakes are easy to cut and serve, while the stacked cake serves as a centrepiece for the cutting ceremony.

Cupcake wedding cakes are a popular, low-cost option for weddings of all sizes. They provide guests with a variety of options and are self-serve. Cupcakes can be displayed on a cupcake stand or as part of a tableau and come in a range of flavours and decorations.

Cost of wedding cake

The cost of a wedding cake includes more than just the cake. Consider the cost per serving multiplied by the number of guests for budgeting considerations, as well as additional expenditures for items like a special topper, display stand rental, delivery, and set-up. Some goods will be included in the price, while others will be charged individually. The cost of a single serving ranges from Rs. 200 to Rs. 250.00.

Photographs of Wedding Cakes:

Couples can come up with the greatest pick by researching wedding cake ideas. Look through periodicals and books in libraries and bookshops, as well as online photo galleries. Photographs of elements that you might like to incorporate should be saved. You might be intrigued by the modern scene’s various colours, flavours, and formats as you research.

Look for Baking Talent in Your Area

Select a baker who is within a reasonable distance of your wedding location. The freshly baked product will need to be carried and set up on the big day. Therefore it cannot be shipped from afar. If you’re fortunate, referrals from friends and family will come your way. Another technique to assure quality service is to check out the baker’s preferences.

Final Words

Choosing a wedding cake or online cake delivery in gurgaon will be fun with the help of an experienced adviser. Before making a final decision, don’t be scared to schedule a few meetings with different bakeries. Bring your ideas to the consultation session, look through catalogues, mock-ups, and try some fresh cake. It’s important to like a designer’s work, but it’s also critical to know that your opinions and wishes will be heard.

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