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Information about bharadvajasana

It is a good idea to include yoga in your daily routine to lead a healthy life. If you regularly take out a few minutes for yoga practice, then there is nothing better than this because it not only keeps the body fit but also helps in keeping the mind calm. Today we are going to tell you about Bharadvajasana, the practice of which gives many physical and mental benefits.

How to practice Bharadvajasana

First of all, sit on the yoga mat in the Dandasana position and then bend your left leg at the knee.

Now place the toe of your right foot on the left thigh and try to hold the right toe with your right hand from behind the back. Whereas, place the left hand on the right knee.

After this, twist your waist to the right. After staying in this state for some time, it becomes normal.

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Take these precautions during exercise

1) If you feel pain in moving your hand behind your back while doing Bharadvajasana, then you should not do this yoga asana.

2) If there is pain in your knees when you bend the legs during the asana, then avoid doing this yoga asana.

3) Even if you have any kind of complaint related to the spine, you should not practice this yoga asana.

Benefits of regular practice of Bharadvajasana

Practicing Bharadwajasana regularly can provide many physical and mental benefits.

For example, this yoga pose strengthens the spine, hips, shoulders, hamstrings and wrists, and also helps in maintaining the correct posture of the body.

Apart from this, its practice not only helps in keeping the metabolism active, but it also keeps the mind calm.

Special tips related to the practice of Bharadvajasana

1) Do not create any kind of tension in the body while practicing this yoga asana.

2) If you are not able to stretch the body much while practicing this yogasana, then do not force it. This may cause injury.

3) It can be difficult to practice Bharadvajasana in the initial phase, so practice it only under the supervision of a yoga expert.

4) Before practicing this yoga posture, do some light stretching exercises.

How to do Bharadvajasana?

For this, lay a rug or a seat, after that sit on the seat and keep the legs straight in front and the hands-on the side. Then bend the knees and move them to the left side and keep in mind that all your weight should be on the right hips. Now place the heel of your right foot on the thigh of the left foot and then while taking a deep breath, straighten the reed bone. Then slowly while exhaling, bend the upper part of the body to the right.

Place the opposite hand on the left knee. With the breath, keep straightening the reed bone and keep turning the body. After that, turn your head to the left and look over your left shoulder. Now stay in this position for some time. Now slowly exhale and come to the normal position. The same process has to be done from the other side also.

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