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Inspiring Autumn Updates with Rugs

We’re just about to say goodbye to the summer season, and people are already preparing for the change of seasons. Autumn is the most beautiful time of the year. The leaves are changing, pumpkin spice is in the air, and there’s a crispness to the air that makes you want to spend more time inside. These are all signs that autumn has arrived! It brings a new set of colors that can be incorporated into your home decor. The best way to do this is by changing up your rug! Rugs are one of those household items you might not think too much about, but they have a huge effect on the style and feel of your space.

Choose the Colors of the Fall

The fall is full of colors and foliage that can be incorporated into your home decor. For a bold way to bring autumn indoors, choose two complementary colors from the leaves around you! This will help to create an overall cohesive look in your space. The complementary shades will also help to brighten up the room. If you’re looking for a subtler approach, choose one color from your fall foliage and pair it with grey or white walls to make your outdoor colors shine through! You can also go for mustard or best orange rugs and pillows to bring some of your foliage indoors. Mustard, orange, and brown will bring some fall warmth and cheer to your home.

Get Intricate With Your Rug Pattern

It’s easy to get lost when choosing rugs because there are so many designs and patterns to choose from. However, you must allow your decorating style to guide the way when choosing a rug pattern. The key to choosing the right pattern is finding one that fits your home’s personality. Decorating with beautiful rugs is the best way to make your home more inviting and warm. If you’re looking for a rug that doesn’t come with any extra design, then consider getting one that has little or no design at all! Pick out solid-colored rugs in green, white, or brown. These colors compliment almost any decor theme and won’t come with a pattern that will take away from your home’s look!

Beautiful Fall Inspired Pillows

For the ultimate fall feel in your living room, try adding pillows in autumn-inspired patterns such as leaves, pumpkins, acorns, and pineapples. These patterns can be found in almost any color, so you have a lot to choose from. A pillow with a pattern on it may add more design than one without, but if that’s the look you’re going for, then go ahead! It makes your home feel cozier and warmer just by adding pillows this fall. These beautiful pillows will take your decor to the next level and add a touch of autumn to your home.

Colorful Leaves

Leaves are one of fall’s most popular features, and they can be found in almost any color you could imagine! Whether it’s red, orange, yellow, or green, leaves will bring life into your living room decor this season. There is no specific way to combine them with your other autumn accessories because you can place them anywhere in your home, and it will make a statement. You can also use a rug with leaves, patterns, and decorations for a complete look. 

Roses & Berries

Adding flowers to your decor for this season is also one of the easiest ways to get into the fall spirit! Roses look beautiful with any color or design, but we recommend red ones that come from nature because they were made to make your home feel like autumn. If you want even more fall vibes in your interior, then rugs are another must-have for this time of the year! A floral rug is the easiest way to bring a little bit of spring in your autumn, but you can also go with neutral color palettes. You can also go for warm tones such as brown or beige rugs if you want to get something cozy for this time of the year.

Autumn-Inspired Colors

For a more monochromatic feel in your home, choose autumn colors such as browns, oranges, and gold! You can paint the walls of your living room with these types of colors to tie everything together for this fall. If you do not like to change things up and redo the entire interior completely, then painting the walls with colors that match your favorite fall rugs will do just fine. The warm tones will bring out the colors of your favorite pieces, and you can match them with another decor in your home. If painting isn’t an option, or you may want to go all-out this autumn season, then a rug is another great way to update your living room! 

Autumn-Themed Decor

Another way to bring out autumn themes in your home is by decorating! You can go for a DIY project and make wooden pumpkins or acorns to place around the house. For something more simple, you can also place some autumn-themed candles around the house. The decor pieces don’t have to be pricey either. You can use birch bark, pine cones, and leaves in your home for a natural fall theme!

Consider Your Home Style

Before you begin looking for patterns, it’s important to think about what decorating style you’re aiming for in your home. If you’re going for a rustic vibe, then an intricately designed rug with lots of colors and patterns may not be the best choice for you. Instead, opt to go with a simple rug in neutral colors that will allow other elements of your decor to shine through!

On a Nutshell

With new seasons, there are new colors to decorate with. We’re making it easier for you by bringing in our latest rug arrivals! These rugs will not only bring life and warmth to your home this autumn season but also offer a stylish update while keeping your floors safe from winter’s damaging effects on bare feet. Check out these gorgeous selections at RugKnots today – we can’t wait to help make your living space more inviting than ever before. Happy Fall!

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