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Is it Time to Hire a Virtual Personal Trainer?

With restricted access to many gyms and self separation, many people turned to a virtual personal trainer for their exercise needs.  Even though many spaces are opening up in terms of availability and volume, some individuals are testing the process.

Working out at home can be a challenge, especially if you are used to a gym with an array of equipment and people around to show you how to use it.  Facilities also have the advantage of coaches and trainers and regular classes conducted by an instructor. 

Working with a Toronto personal trainer, even a virtual one, can make it worth your while when you know some tips about making it a success. 


Just like you set up your remote office, you will need to allocate space for your at-home workouts.  Zoom is the likely vehicle for your sessions, so you will need to be able to adjust your camera so that the trainer can see you clearly.  You may need to position the camera differently if you are doing different exercises.  A webcam may be a better choice for a head-to-floor view.  You can also consider a tripod for your phone or tablet. 

Placing yourself against a solid color backdrop is probably the best choice.  Remove any objects from the wall to avoid distractions to the coach. 

Extend your arms and move them around to be sure you are not going to hit anything.  You may also need floor space for mat work.  In a live situation, the trainer will walk around you to check the form.  In a virtual world, you need to plan to turn around so that the trainer can see you from different angles. 


Anyone can set up a website or post-Instagram workouts.  Just like finding a non-virtual trainer, choose someone with certification.  There are organizations that certify trainers like the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and others.  Search those databases to find someone who is qualified to teach you.  Some also offer certification in specific areas like weight work.  The same is true with Pilates.  Ask about their previous experience and ongoing education and training. 

Just like in-person sessions, it is important that you are personality congenial.  Building a rapport means you will be better able to express your concerns and to log into a session on those days when you really would like to forget it.  

Set up a consultation visit before you commit.  Be sure they are listening to you and understand your goals.  Before you schedule the call, make notes about your personal goals and why they are important to you.  List your current activities and roadblocks.  Have a list of medical conditions, previous injuries, medications, and vitamin supplements.  If the trainer is not taking notes and asking pertinent questions, you may want to keep searching.

Be Realistic

Virtual training is not the same as in-person.  You may need to alter your goals or the methods to get there.  Your personal health and fitness should be top of the list for everyone’s goal.  If not, you may want to keep looking. 

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