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Is Your Business Ready to Use Customer Service Chatbots?

The customer service chatbots have been into a heavy buzz for the past few months. First, there was a lot of initial excitement, and now the businesses have mixed outcomes. 

67% of global customers experienced chatbot interaction over the past 12 months.

Still, some companies couldn’t make it to this list! They lacked the clarity and comprehension to hand over the conversations to a human agent. So, widely, it comes out that- there are two considerations to be made before you are set to use customer service chatbots. 

  • Analyzing the relevance in the customer journey
  • How to transfer the conversation when the chatbot can’t answer?

In this blog, we quickly run across the primary purpose of using Chatbots. Also, we explore the facts, which stand as a testimony for its popularity. So, let’s get started with a basic definition of “what is a chatbot – specific for your business”!

Understand- What is a Chatbot in specific to your business

In simple example- the human-like assistance, powered by rules and sometimes AI to help enterprises to interact with the customers in real-time, is called a chatbot. 

That means customer service chatbots are the “apps” of messaging and voice platforms, determining the ease of conversation for all. So often, these chatbots are made synonymous with Artificial Intelligence (AI), but remember, it may not always be the case. 

Indeed, the most advanced and better-doing chatbots use Machine Learning, AI, and Natural Language Processing (NLP). These technologies give an edge to your business as it concretely predicts the customers’ sentences just like humans. 

So, how and why are chatbots popular today?

The global chatbot marketing revenue has already reached $83.4 million in 2021. This is a big start for major big corporations to popularize it positively. Small-scale businesses and online e-commerce are also using AI-powered customer service chatbots to gain customers’ attention. 

The past year has seen in-depth discussions about chatbots and revolutionizing present-day customer service. Here are some of the visible factors to explain its fulfilling trend. 

  • The drastic rise in the number of messaging apps

Undoubtedly, messaging is the #1 preferred medium for the customers to ask their queries and give feedback. Indeed with this form of enhancing customer care, businesses now use better and quick ways to fix their issues. So it is essential for every company to ensure that customers feel- they’re heard. 

  • Transforming Customer Expectations

Let’s accept it- this digital era has the least patience! Indeed, the customers expect to have answers to their questions as quickly as it pops into their mind. So, companies and even small-scale ventures are now striving hard to reduce the associated cost. As a result, most companies switch to a model to reduce the expense of hiring a full in-house team of customer service agents and instead use a hybrid model of customer service chatbots and expert agents in combination. 

Primary uses of Chatbots for Customer Care- Today’s Perspective

When it comes to customer service, one thing is clear- it needs to be SUSTAINABLE! That means the performance should be consistent while leveraging the best practices to address the customers. 

  • Use Case 1: Ability to Self-Care

AI-powered chatbots are the best way to help your business reduce overhead expenses. So, a chatbot can effectively help customers with basic inquiries. And since these scenarios have similar answers, companies should use chatbots. So, the customers will get a quick response and choose to talk to an agent if their issue is not resolved in minimum time. 

  • Use Case 2: Informational and Awareness purposes.

The best part of using customer service chatbots is that they provide quick real-time information. Not only that, chatbots are more interactive as they provide real-time info to the customers. It can be about delivery updates or knowing the next suitable time to book an appointment; chatbots can do everything. 

Thus, to sum up, chatbots are now becoming the voice of companies’ customer service. Therefore, it is a wise option to incorporate the benefits of AI-powered chatbots. 

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