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Keep on Top of Your Leaking Taps

Replacing leaking tap washers. It’s a basic plumbing job. And everyone I know says, yeah, I know I should fix it, but they never get around to it!

This job is probably one of the easiest plumbing repair jobs that you can do yourself. Beside being an easy job, if you have leaking taps Brisbane, you still have to know how to do it correctly plus have the right tools or you could do some serious and costly damage!

Most people who live in older homes have pipes made of “soft” copper. These soft copper pipes are great for water pressure but over time, they begin to corrode and the water inside them begins to lose its purity. When this happens, the copper in the water will begin to leach out into the water that you use for drinking, cooking and other domestic purposes. The effect of this is that as the years go by, your water supply will get worse and worse. Eventually, you will need to have it tested.

Most people just don’t get the time to do these small jobs. BUT, be warned… they are quietly going about their business of emptying your wallet. If left, they will cost you a small fortune in excess water or if you are on rainwater tanks, wasting that precious liquid gold.

It is important to keep taps in good working order. Your Leaking taps will eventually lead to your tap possibly blowing out and spraying water everywhere. And this could happen when you are not at home and flood your house! Not the thing you want to deal with when you get home after a hard days work.

1. Schedule a “leakage audit” at least once every year.

2. Observe the tasks that are causing you the most trouble and work on them first.

3. Once you’ve identified the leaks, fix them.

4. Don’t forget to maintain your facility.

5. Keep your equipment in good repair.

6. Maintain your vehicle carefully.

7. Change the oil and oil filter as recommended.

8. Perform other maintenance as necessary.

9. Keep your tool kit up-to-date.

10. Keep your facilities clean.

11. Inspect and clean your tools regularly.

12. Keep your storage area clean and organized.

13. Store your materials properly.

14. Keep your work area clean

Things not to do with a leaking tap

Did you know that most homes have at least six exterior water outlets (leaks)? What you need is an inexpensive tool that will help you locate these leaks and repair them before they cause significant damage to your home or property. Here’s one simple way to find and fix these leaks.

Whatever you do, do NOT try to force the tap tighter if it shows signs of a leak. Taps should be easy to turn on and easy to turn off without excessive force being needed. A greater force than necessary can damage the tap fitting itself and make it far more expensive to repair and sometimes you will even need to be replaced that might involve breaking out tiles on walls and replacing pipework behind the walls.

1. The first thing you need is an adjustable spanner. These are available from most tool shops for about $.

2. The second thing you need is a stiff piece of cardboard. The kind you would use to wrap up a package or to protect a book. The third thing you need is a strong flashlight. The fourth thing you need is a bucket or other container. Now, follow along as I show you how to do this:

STEP 1: Find the leak! Turn off the water supply to your home at the main valve (usually located outside on the street) and then turn off the water to the area where you want to check for leaks (usually inside your home at a water heater or other plumbing fixture).

STEP 2: Using your adjustable wrench, loosen the faucet handle (the big round thingy on the end of the faucet that you pull to turn the water on and off) until it is just loose enough so that you can turn it easily with your fingers.

If you have leaking taps that you know you just won’t get time to fix, one phone call and it can all be taken care of by professionals today by A Sydney Plumbers. A service and repair plumber will troubleshoot plumbing problems and service existing water systems and piping across residential and commercial buildings.

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