Kids Learn about Stained Glass Windows In The Nave.

Kids Learn About Stained Glass Windows 

Commissioned and financed by the parishioners in 1930, the stained glass windows of Notre-Dame-Du-Bon-Conseil in Paris (17th arrondissement) are a masterpiece from the Mauméjean house, a great dynasty of master glassmakers of the last century. Big winners of the “Save our monuments” competition organized by the Île-de-France region, their imminent restoration will reveal all its beauty.
Located rue Clignancourt in the XVIII century district of Paris, the Church Notre-Dame-du-Bon- Conseil is a fundamental institution. The patronage founded in 1898 by the Brothers of Saint-Vincent-de-Paul, still welcomes many children today and, every week.

Because of this attachment, the parish has undertaken to restore an unknown masterpiece housed within its walls. The Church Notre-Dame-du-Bon- Conseil is modest pace. Built on the site of a small old chapel founded by the religious of Saint-Vincent-de-Paul following. The call of the parish priest of Notre-Dame de Clignancourt, its plan, particularly simple, and its refined decoration, do not, at first glance, make it a masterpiece of sacred Parisian architecture.

The stained glass windows of the choir represent three Marian apparitions: that of Our Lady of La Salette on the left, in the center that of Notre-Dame du Bon Conseil, and on the right the apparitions Lourdes.

Contrasting with the whiteness of the walls, these large stained-glass windows run all around the single-nave Church. One of them attracts more attention. And represents Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Conseil.The name under which the Church was placed. The significant devotion that the religious of Saint-Vincent de Paul have for it. The venerable Father Georges Bellanger (1861-1902), particularly liked this image of the Virgin who appeared in Italy in 1467, believed that the religious owed this attachment. Built-in the early 1930s until 1940 and financed by the parishioners, these stained glass windows were commissioned from the Mauméjean house. It was a veritable dynasty of master glassmakers who had already proven themselves in many churches in France, including the Notre-Dame chapel. -de-la-Médaille-Miraculeuse rue du Bac in Paris.

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The main stained glass window represents the image of Notre Dame du Bon Conseil.

The remarkably varied iconographic program of Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Conseil evokes. In turn, classic biblical episodes and events from the history of the Church and contemporary life. On the one hand, we can observe episodes from the life of Christ, further on the foundation of the Church. The religion of Saint-Vincent-de-Paul or even important Marian apparitions of the past century. A stained glass window, later, is particularly moving built after World War II. It represents the Virgin Mary welcoming soldiers who died during the war. In the first register, we find the small Church of Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Conseil, which was.

Their construction, no stained glass window has ever been restored. And only a few modest tinkering has kept in condition until today. Because of the disastrous state of the seals, which threaten to drop glasses every day, the restoration has become urgent. Thanks to the grant from the Île-de-France Region as part of the “Save our monuments” competition. The parish hopes to finance the entire restoration, which amounts to 150,000 euros. . The workshop to carry out a meticulous cleaning of the glasses. And a refurbishment of the seals.  Once again, be able to admire the stained-glass windows as the first parishioners had seen them.

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