Learn about Tyre Marking To Always Choose The Correct Tyre For Your Vehicle

Learn about Tyre Marking To Always Choose The Correct Tyre For Your Vehicle

Tyre marking, in a nutshell, is the information available on the side of your car/vehicle tyres. And although they are used to defining many things but their single most important role is to highlight key information related to the tyres of your vehicle.

Information such as tyre model number, manufacturing date, production batch number to even safety codes is engraved through these markings. This is why in this blog we are discussing tyre markings in detail and from every constructive angle so that we can ensure that you only invest in the highest quality tyres.

So to procreate a deeper understanding of the subject we need to realize and find answers to these most important questions. That is what is tyre marking? Why is it important? What are the different types of marking? And what are the benefits you stand to gain from them?

So without any further ado, let us jump into our first question as we try to reach the bottom of this subject. And find answers that will not only make our understanding comprehensive but also explain this whole phenomenon.

What is Tyre Marking?

The easiest way to describe tyre marking is that they are the core information engraved on the corner of your tyre. To provide you with every possible answer that you may be seeking from your tyres.

So, what do the numbers on tyres, commonly known as tyre marks, mean? The inscriptions or marks on your tyre’s rubber are there for two reasons: To provide critical information such as the tyre’s size and characteristics. To demonstrate that the tyre has met all required safety criteria.

Why Is Tyre Marking Important?

Tyre marking is important because it provides the necessary information that you need to know the condition. As well as various other factors of your cars as While driving, your tyres perform the most important jobs. The tyre tread is in charge of preserving the single point of contact between the road and your car. 

Your tyres have an impact on the entire condition and movement of your vehicle, either directly or indirectly. When it comes to road safety, your tyres are entirely accountable for keeping you safe. They are filled with compressed air, which absorbs road shocks before they reach the occupants. Your tyres have the ability to improve or degrade the quality of your ride and comfort.

Different Types Of Marking That Exist

Now we know you may be wondering what are these tyre markings, to be exactly what are the different types. And what exact purpose do they serve? For which we will say fret not, as we have complete information on them as the following are the six major types of tyre marks that exist along with their core functions:

The manufacturer of the tyre will be plainly indicated. This is frequently the most prominent piece of writing on the tyre.

  • Pattern Name

Tyre makers create a variety of tyres with varying designs. The design of your tyre will be readily visible on the sidewall as a crucial part of your tyre marking.

  • Country Of Manufacture

The inscription of marking on the sidewall will tell you where your tyre was made. For example, if the tyre is from a UK brand then it will state that the tyre was made in the United Kingdom.

  • Tread Wear Indicators

Treadwear indicators will be placed in the tread grooves rather than on the tyre sidewall. They might be the initials ‘TWI,’ a little picture or emblem, or other indications. These will be evident only when the tyre tread is near to the legal minimum of 1.6mm.

  • Manufacturing Date Code

The date your tyre was made is shown as a series of numbers and characters (something like DOTXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX). The last four numerals correspond to the date of manufacturing, allowing you to determine the age of your tyre.

  • European ECE Type Approval

This means that the tyre has been tested and found to meet European safety requirements. The digit after the E is a code that corresponds to the nation in which the tyre was certified.

Benefits Tyre Marking Serve You

Although tires Dubai marking to the uninitiated can be quite daunting but if you put in the time to understand them. Then there are some very hefty benefits for you to reap benefits from as well.

  • They Help You Choose The Perfect Tyre For Your Requirements
  • Weather, Condition Specific Tyres Can Be Chosen When You Understand It
  • It Lets You Know When The Life Of Your Tyre Is Over And When You Should Change It.


Tyre markings are a complex matter to understand but once you get a good grasp of them. Then you stand to gain not only great knowledge but can also gain great benefits from them. So out of all six which one according to you is the most important marking? Let us know in the comments below.

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