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Let us break the social stigma: Some common myths & facts related to depression

Depression, is one of the most common mental illnesses, but it is frequently misunderstood. These myths and facts may contribute to the stigma associated with depression, making it more difficult for those who are afraid to talk about their symptoms or seek help.

Symptoms of Depression

  • Feeling sad and disappointed all the time
  • Low interest in daily activities
  • Change in appetite or weight
  • Problems falling asleep or staying awake
  • Feeling tired and lethargic all the time
  • Guilty and worthless all the time
  • Suicidal thoughts

Now, let us discuss about some of the baseless but common myths

Some Myths based on societal thoughts of depression

  • Myth: Hard work can defeat depression

Fact: Throw yourself into work and you will forget all your sorrows. How is it possible? It is not the class examination; work hard and you will get good marks. Overworking can lead to a case of clinical depression, instead but can hardly take you out from that. In fact, in most cases it is difficult to withdraw your attention from ongoing depressive phase of your life and get going with the daily routine.

  • Myth: It is only caused by a traumatic event happened in your life

Fact: Depression has no established origin, however it is assumed to be caused by a mix of biochemical, genetic, and environmental variables. While traumatic events are a risk factor for anxiety, they are not the sole reason. Even when everything appears to be going well and at a good pace in a person’s life, depression can strike without warning.  An another depressing event in the life of a depressed person is likely to increase their symptoms.

  • Myth: Genetics (Family history) has lot to offer in your depression

Fact: If depression runs in your family, you’re more likely to get it yourself. But there’s a good possibility you won’t. People with a family history of depression should be on the lookout for early signs of depression and take action as soon as possible, whether it’s through stress reduction, increased exercise, counseling, or other professional treatment.

Some Myths based on Health effects on taking anti-depressants

  • Myth: It is a sign of weakness

Fact: Even the hardest person can face Anxiety and sadness, and it has nothing to do with your personality. A person who always seems to be happy might be in sad or anxiety, and who knows what he/she is facing from inside. No one really chooses to lose their mental peace, everyone can for an instance, can bear financial loss but it is very difficult to bear mental loss caused . Depression is a mental health problem caused by a physiological imbalance rather than a character flaw and it has nothing to do with your character. Depressed does not consist of people who wish and like to be in depression.

  • Myth:It can only be treated by medication

Fact: Medication is simply one of the many therapy options for depression.  Patients of depression can take the   help of psychotherapist, counselling, and lifestyle changes, among other things. Each person’s treatment requirements may differ.

For some people, medicine is the most successful treatment; for others, psychological counselling is the most effective treatment; and for still others, a combination of treatments may be the most effective. As a result, it is best to seek the advice of a mental health expert to learn more about various treatment options and to establish an  support plan.


Treatment is critical for overcoming depression and avoiding problems. Ignoring  symptoms will not help you overcome the illness. In fact, it may cause more problems. Depression, if left untreated, can develop to major health problems, such as sleeping and eating disorders, as well as substance abuse. It can also lead to suicidal ideas and actions.

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