Longines Master Collection Automatic Ladies Watch

Longines Master Collection Automatic Ladies Watch
As the trend toward stretch-inspired watches continues, brands have come to the consummation that producing a stretch-inspired piece will nearly always guarantee that piece press content. The reason for this, I believe, is twofold. Most importantly, compendiums and consumers are leaning towards this trend in the request, so naturally, both brands and publications are looking to subsidize on the trend by producing watches, and the posterior papers on these watches, to feed to the demand. Secondly, pens who cover this assiduity — similar as myself — tend to be collectors or at least watch suckers themselves, who naturally spare toward covering what they like — which frequently these days happens to be the stretch- inspired. Whether this is in the stylish long-term interest for the creative health of watch design is neither then nor there. The point is that we feel to be in the commodity of a “ reconstructive” period in watch history, looking back positively on the history through our contemporary goggles, and as a result, the request has started to absorb ultramodern-creations indeed of original pieces that weren’t exactly notorious at the time. Buy Rado Women’s Swiss Integral Diamond Accent Two-Tone Stainless Steel & Ceramic Bracelet
This is, of course, not to undercut the veritably cool quaint style of the watch we’re covering moment, the Rado Hyperchrome Captain Cook. The original watch ( pictured over), produced in fairly small amounts from 1962 to 1968, looked to get the most out of the growing trend of hobbyhorse diving during that period and stood within the formerly-modernist Rado collection as one of its many dégagé options. The piece was named after the 18th-century British nonmilitary discoverer Captain James Cook, and among its unique traits was an inward-leaning external bezel, a twisted argentine dial, a square magnifying glass for the date window, and an enlarged Rado anchor totem. The piece in its literal debut didn’t garner an inconceivable quantum of attention, yet the moment the brand has revived it as part of its ultramodern Hyperchrome collection — formerly again, as an anomaly in its substantial quartz dress- watch lineup — and this time it’s entering praise far and wide.
Of the numerous parallels between the stretch and ultramodern watches, you’ll notice the inward-facing bezel, sunburst dial with published hour labels and “ Captain Cook” script toward the 6 o’clock position, and the red-accented date window at the 3 o’clock. Further subtly, the general case shape is veritably analogous to the original, and the slim, gray external nanosecond ring persists in both designs.

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