Looking for Super Accurate Handguns? Check Out the Glock 35 and 3 Others

When you know what you are looking for, you can find a handgun with next-level accuracy. Target pistols are precision-made and fine-tuned to hit a playing card at 100 yards. However, that can make them too expensive for some budgets. If you are a competition shooter, it can be a worthwhile investment. By comparison, the average handgun enthusiast in search of a tack-driving pistol can choose from a wide variety of accurate models. Plus, you will not have to pay for custom-molded grips. The Glock 35 is a perfect example of that class. Here is everything you need to know about it and three other accurate handguns.

Glock 35

When the Glock 22 combined rugged reliability and a lightweight polymer construction with the 40mm S&W cartridge, a classic firearm was born. It became a favorite of law enforcement professionals and civilian gun enthusiasts worldwide. The Glock 35 took that celebrated design and modified it. It added a lengthened barrel to increase accuracy and a top cutout to reduce weight. With these modifications and a few other features, it boasted competition-level accuracy. Nonetheless, the Glock 35 is often overshadowed by the Glock 34 in 9mm. That is an unfortunate oversight because the Glock 35 features some of the manufacturer’s best follow-up accuracy.

Kel Tec CP33

The Kel Tec CP33 is one of the most fun and most distinctive handgun on the market. By now, many gun enthusiasts are likely aware of the CP33’s more remarkable features. For instance, it features a rifle-style charging handle. It also stacks up well compared to the Glock 35. The Glock 35 has an impressive 15+1 capacity in 40mm S&W. However, the CP33’s quad-stacked magazine offers an incredible 33+1 capacity in 22 LR. It is also not well-known that the “CP” in “CP33” stands for “Competition Pistol.” This designation holds true—the Kel Tec CP33 delivers competition-level pinpoint accuracy. Plus, it features Picatinny and M-Lok rail interfaces and a threaded barrel for a suppressor. This makes the CP33 is an accessory-friendly plinker.

CZ 75 SP 01

The CZ 75 is like the Glock 35 in many ways. Enthusiasts around the world revere these European handguns for their durability and trustworthiness. Like the Glock 35, the CZ 75’s reputation for rock-solid reliability was sometimes incorrectly associated with a lack of precision. For both handgun families, that could not be further from the truth. The CZ 75 SP 01 is an upgraded iteration of the iconic CZ 75, and it offers target pistol-tier accuracy out of the box. The CZ 75 SP 01’s all-steel construction also mitigates felt recoil for superior follow-up accuracy.

SIG Sauer P210

The producers of Glock 35 and CZ 75 are some of the most celebrated and illustrious European manufacturers of firearms in operation today. It surprises some people to know that SIG Saur occupies that same rarified space. Their firearms have been a favorite of military and law enforcement professionals in many countries. This was true even before the U.S. Armed Forces chose the SIG Sauer P320 modular pistol platform as their new sidearm. Perhaps the most celebrated of their guns is the legendary SIG P210 pistol. Many know it as the firearm the post-war Swiss Army and police carried. Along with workhorse toughness, the SIG P210 featured the impeccable precision of Swiss construction and ergonomics. For that reason, many gun enthusiasts consider it to be the finest, most accurate production handgun available.

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